The Emerald Path

Hello patient readers!

With the warm weather comes busy bees and Stacey and I have been working non-stop here in Ottawa. Luckily last weekend we were able to sit down with our good friend Alana and finally open one of our teas from nourishtea. Boy, were we ever in love. Enjoy!

Nourish Tea: The Emerald Path
Description: Certified Organic Maojian Green Tea

mao jian is one of china’s ten most famous teas and is a classic Chinese style of green tea with two thousand years of history.  It’s also one of nourishtea’s sixteen most famous teas. This open leaf style tea is hand-picked and pan-fired, creating an exquisite & complex hand-crafted brew, with an incredibly sweet smell. It’s a wonderful introduction to green tea, as it is light and vaguely sweet. Of course, like all green teas, rest assured that you’ll be immersed in its anti-oxidants. This is far and away a favorite in the nourishtea pantry.

Tea preparation: 1 tsp per cup, 80C water for 2-3 minutes! Very important that the water is warm and the steep is light on green teas such as this.

Brooke:  It’s Kosher, people.
Alana: I feel like I had a dream about Jewish people.
Stacey: I think I’m going to want sushi after this.
Alana: What does that smell remind me of?
Stacey: Sushi.


Alana: That’s green tea alright. That’s nice. It’s just light.
Stacey: I think it’s nice to come off of the DavidsTea base.
Brooke:  I can definitely taste the difference from this and the Japanese Sencha. It’s soft and airy like a wafer.
Stacey: We need those. The strawberry kind.
Alana: A norweigan stroopwafel!
Brooke: I would drink this a lot more than the other heavier sencha. This is so nice.
Alana: I find that you have to have a light green more often than dark.
Stacey: I can definitely have this on a regular basis.
Alana: Yeah, like when you wake up in the morning.
Stacey: Yeah, it’s like “I’m gonna wake you up”. Oooh I think nourishtea is going to be fun!

/rant about blueberry pancakes, murder mystery parties, and work/

Alana: I’m getting a very pleasantly warm feeling in my sinuses.
Stacey: Oh! It’s medicinal! I do feel healthier with every sip.
Brooke: Alright, no.
Stacey: A little too far?
Alana: But it’s so fun!

Tea Vibes:

Stacey: I really like this one, it doesn’t make me want to have sushi, which is actually nice. It’s one of those teas I would enjoy on a regular basis. It’s a good fresh spring tea, too. There are no strong flavours that overpower anything, it’s very balanced. Overall, this tea is very nice and makes me content. 8.5/10

Alana: It’s a nice clean, simple tea. I don’t think it’s an everyday tea because it’s too light, but every time I take a sip I see myself sitting somewhere enjoying wherever I am. I wish I could tell you where that is, but I don’t even know. 7.5/10

Brooke: Congratulations to nourishtea for impressing us right off the bat. What a delightful, light tea that does have that hint of sweetness that the other green teas either lacked or pushed too far. I’m really excited that we have so much of this so that we can continue to enjoy it on a regular basis. 8/10

Final thoughts:

 Alana: Stroopwafels for all!

Thank you nourishtea for such a delicious treat. We’ve already offered pots of this tea to our visitors and have received rave reviews back. Look for our next post soon on their tasty Darjeeling!

Until next tea,

Brooke and Stacey (and Alana)

“Well we can’t both wear this hat to the party.”

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