The Emerald Path

Hello patient readers!

With the warm weather comes busy bees and Stacey and I have been working non-stop here in Ottawa. Luckily last weekend we were able to sit down with our good friend Alana and finally open one of our teas from nourishtea. Boy, were we ever in love. Enjoy!

Nourish Tea: The Emerald Path
Description: Certified Organic Maojian Green Tea

mao jian is one of china’s ten most famous teas and is a classic Chinese style of green tea with two thousand years of history.  It’s also one of nourishtea’s sixteen most famous teas. This open leaf style tea is hand-picked and pan-fired, creating an exquisite & complex hand-crafted brew, with an incredibly sweet smell. It’s a wonderful introduction to green tea, as it is light and vaguely sweet. Of course, like all green teas, rest assured that you’ll be immersed in its anti-oxidants. This is far and away a favorite in the nourishtea pantry.

Tea preparation: 1 tsp per cup, 80C water for 2-3 minutes! Very important that the water is warm and the steep is light on green teas such as this.

Brooke:  It’s Kosher, people.
Alana: I feel like I had a dream about Jewish people.
Stacey: I think I’m going to want sushi after this.
Alana: What does that smell remind me of?
Stacey: Sushi.


Alana: That’s green tea alright. That’s nice. It’s just light.
Stacey: I think it’s nice to come off of the DavidsTea base.
Brooke:  I can definitely taste the difference from this and the Japanese Sencha. It’s soft and airy like a wafer.
Stacey: We need those. The strawberry kind.
Alana: A norweigan stroopwafel!
Brooke: I would drink this a lot more than the other heavier sencha. This is so nice.
Alana: I find that you have to have a light green more often than dark.
Stacey: I can definitely have this on a regular basis.
Alana: Yeah, like when you wake up in the morning.
Stacey: Yeah, it’s like “I’m gonna wake you up”. Oooh I think nourishtea is going to be fun!

/rant about blueberry pancakes, murder mystery parties, and work/

Alana: I’m getting a very pleasantly warm feeling in my sinuses.
Stacey: Oh! It’s medicinal! I do feel healthier with every sip.
Brooke: Alright, no.
Stacey: A little too far?
Alana: But it’s so fun!

Tea Vibes:

Stacey: I really like this one, it doesn’t make me want to have sushi, which is actually nice. It’s one of those teas I would enjoy on a regular basis. It’s a good fresh spring tea, too. There are no strong flavours that overpower anything, it’s very balanced. Overall, this tea is very nice and makes me content. 8.5/10

Alana: It’s a nice clean, simple tea. I don’t think it’s an everyday tea because it’s too light, but every time I take a sip I see myself sitting somewhere enjoying wherever I am. I wish I could tell you where that is, but I don’t even know. 7.5/10

Brooke: Congratulations to nourishtea for impressing us right off the bat. What a delightful, light tea that does have that hint of sweetness that the other green teas either lacked or pushed too far. I’m really excited that we have so much of this so that we can continue to enjoy it on a regular basis. 8/10

Final thoughts:

 Alana: Stroopwafels for all!

Thank you nourishtea for such a delicious treat. We’ve already offered pots of this tea to our visitors and have received rave reviews back. Look for our next post soon on their tasty Darjeeling!

Until next tea,

Brooke and Stacey (and Alana)

“Well we can’t both wear this hat to the party.”

Toasted Walnut

Hi everyone!

Oh wow, is it ever March. Can we plleeease finally finish winter and hurry up with spring? The snow keeps falling and the cold keeps holding on to the bitter end. What else to do but drink a tea and cozy up with some Netflix? After throwing together a cabbage casserole and tossing it in the oven, Stacey and I popped open door # 20 and out came one of her favourites: Toasted Walnut. To the kettle!

Tea: Toasted Walnut

DAVIDsTEA description: Drink it fireside

Traditional Chinese medicine says walnuts are a warming food. Which makes sense, because this is the kind of tea you spontaneously want to cozy up to on a cold winter afternoon. The comforting, lightly bitter taste of toasted walnuts is sweetened and deepened with dried pineapple, coconut, almond and organic green tea. Sip it in front of an open fire and chase away the cold.

Ingredients: Chinese sencha green tea, nut brittle, candied pineapple, coconut rasps, almond flakes, walnut bits.

We grabbed two mugs, filled them with 1.5tsp each and steeped them with 84°C water for 4 minutes while our cabbage casserole roasted in the oven.

Stacey: Oh, I haven’t had this one in a while. I forgot how good it smelled!
Brooke: All I get is the green sencha smell- whew!
Stacey: Really? All I smell is the walnut! Hauumm…


Stacey: This makes me think of my internship because it’s all I drank in the summer. Yummy!

Brooke: It tastes like it smells… I don’t really taste the walnut yet.

Stacey:  I’m totally getting the opposite! I’m like, yeah, walnut! But there’s a hint of sweetness in it.

Brooke: It really just reminds me of a different version of the one we had with sushi- no major flavours coming through.

Stacey: Mm. There’s more of a woody feel to this one, though.

Brooke: Hehe, woody. Hmm. there’s this flavour I can quite grasp, it’s almost butterscotch-y. Really light tones of that. I could be going in the same direction as those olives in Detox, though.

Stacey: I just think of summer- it has a comforting feel to it. Almost like a warm sun.

Brooke: Are you on a beach?

Stacey: Yeah, I’m on a beach. I don’t know why I’d be drinking tea on a beach but when I think of comfort I think of lying on the beach with the sun warming my face.

Brooke: At least it’s not the default wooden cabin in the snowy forest that we go for.

Stacey: Comfort means familiarity, too… But I’ve really only ever been to five beaches and never one that was warm or tropical.

Brooke: You know, I’m really not enjoying this. My mug has Snoopy and Linus on it and I think I like the mug more than the tea.

Stacey: That’s too bad, I wanted to make this a staple. It’s probably one of my favourites, actually. Mmm Mm!

Tea vibes:

Stacey: The woody flavouring is subtle in this green tea. You can tell it’s toasted walnut, for sure, but the flavour doesn’t punch you. It’s not a sweet tea either, which I really like. This is just a solid green tea that you can really make a regular like I did in the summer. Is there any pineapple? Yeah? I love it. This is one of my favourite greens, I suggest that everyone try it. 9.5/10 [I pushed her to say 10/10 but “nothing’s perfect”]

Brooke:  If you like greens, this one is worth giving a try. Its nutty undertones will really give a nice boost to your favourite blend. I personally wasn’t feeling it this afternoon, but sometimes days are like that. I will have another plate of that casserole, though… 7/10

Final thoughts:

Stacey: I’m… still getting this for our collection.

4 more to go!!

Until next tea,

Brooke and Stacey

“This is really going to take off, I can feel it!”

Read My Lips

Hi lovely readers!

With Stacey and I both back in our respective homes, joint tea drinking has come to almost a complete halt. Still, we’ve kept our promise and last night we skyped over a delicious brew- Read My Lips. We attempted to do this tea a week ago when Stacey was visiting my sister and niece but the conversation dwindled down to “Oooh isn’t she the cutest? Look at that smile! What a chubby bub!” and not much discussion occurred about the tea itself.  Here, we attempt the tea yet again with delicious results.

Read My Lips

Tea: Read My Lips

DAVIDsTEA description:

Kiss me, kiss me

Okay, this is probably the world’s best chocolate tea. Honestly. Better than dessert. More reliable than sex. It’s a totally decadent combination of China black tea, vanilla, peppermint, chocolate bits and spicy red peppercorns. Plus it contains little red candy lips for a kiss of sweetness. In other words, it’s a completely satisfying spring experience with no guilt or strings attached.

Ingredients: Chinese black tea, peppermint, dark chocolate, red lip sprinkles, pink peppercorn

Read My Lips is a black tea, so I used 1.25tsp in my cup and Stacey made a pot for her and her parents using thrice the amount (my Mom didn’t know she was allowed to try the tea too and was disheartened I hadn’t invited her- next tea, I promise). I steeped mine extra-long, for about 10 minutes, because the last time I had this tea I felt it was too weak.

Stacey: I smell chocolate and mint.
Brooke: It smells like a steamy sauna.
Stacey: Oooh yes! A eucalyptus smell.
Brooke: How does that…?


Stacey: Mmm. I get more mint than chocolate in this flavour.
Brooke: I taste more chocolate, actually.
Stacey: Maybe because you steeped it for ten minutes?
Brooke: Maybe. Oooh I definitely taste a bit of the mint now.
Stacey: Look at my phone! Look how big it is!
Brooke: Stacey, the tea! The tea!
Stacey: I’m sorry we just haven’t seen each other for so long! So much to say!

Stacey takes a sip and chokes during conversation. “It’s because my sip wasn’t enough and it just…” “Maybe the tea wants you to get back on subject!!”

Brooke: What social situation does this tea remind you of?
Stacey: Uh… what… what do you mean? Like… First day of school? Wedding?
Brooke: Like, awkwardly talking to an old friend at the grocery store or going on a date with your husband of seven years.
Stacey: That’s… an interesting question. It’s hard, any social situation I’m thinking of is all about my own experiences.
Brooke: I think it reminds me of having a conversation with the hotel desk clerk as you check in for the night. You’re excited for the evening.
Stacey: I keep thinking, like, going skiing. Coming in after tubing with close friends in tow.

Tea vibes:

Stacey: It’s minty and chocolatey, that’s for sure. Any lip vibe? Not really. I don’t get the whole “more reliable than sex” part. It’s not more reliable! [Brooke: hehe] I don’t taste too much peppercorn, if any at all. On the other hand, I’ve had this tea a bunch of times and every time I’ve enjoyed it. I’ve never regretted a sip.  If you’re a fan of those minty-chocolate candies then you’ll like it. 8/10

Brooke: This whole tea is like that mint. It’s minty, you like it, you bite down and taste chocolate and are confused, you chew, you swallow. It’s nice! Not like sex, though. No. And the little lips in the loose tea flakes are cute- a super sweet little touch. The loose leaf smells amazing, too. Couldn’t really get the vanilla but I did get a little hint of peppercorn spice at the end! I’d give it a 7/10. It’s not bad, it’s simple, smart, and delicious.

Mmm Mmm, another tea for the books. Ooh! Wait, before we go, we have a special announcement! Stacey and I both entered Nourish Tea’s Grand Holiday Giveaway recently and WE WON! That’s right, on my birthday we were told that we are the proud new owners of EIGHT 100g tins of tea!! Once we’ve finished with 24 Days of Tea, we now have our next batch to review for you! Be excited.

Well, readers, with Christmas right around the corner, we hope you all have a happy and festive holiday with your friends and family. Grab a tea, snuggle up by the tree, and enjoy your well-deserved break. Hey, at least this tea is more reliable than snow on Christmas day.

Until next tea,

Brooke and Stacey

Happy Christmas, Harry. HAPPY!

Glitter and Gold

Hi readers!

We hope you’ve been enjoying your Decembers so far. In Ottawa, it’s been cold and rainy but the Christmas tunes have started and lights are up! It’s a groggy morning and after doing a quick grocery run, we figure having a tea after breakfast was just right. Today’s tea is a toe-tingling, sparkly brew that is sure to dazzle up anyone’s morning. Visually, at least.

Glitter and Gold

Tea: Glitter and Gold

Ingredients: black tea, sugar crystals, gold sugar balls, vanilla, orange peel, cloves

DAVIDsTEA description: see below.

Since I had a meh sleep, we decided to brew a pot with the whole loose leaf tin. Stacey was only allowed to have one cup, of course. As we munched on our breakfast of croissants and blueberries and waited for our teas to cool, we were delighted to see glitter and shimmering gold in our mugs.

I was just heading out of the kitchen into our family room with my brew, ready to set up my laptop for our tea time, when SLAM. My pointer toe made contact with our arch in the hallway. AAARGH! My poor new white sock never stood a chance. The burning feeling of pain is still strong as I type this, so Stacey suggested we try the teas to distract me.


Stacey: It’s a black tea, mhmm, but there’s something there.
Brooke: I’m getting a creamy feel but I don’t know why.
Stacey: I taste the cloves. They come out nicely. Ahh!
Brooke: Urgh, my toe still hurts.
Stacey: Hmm, let’s read what DAVIDsTEA has to say about this one…

“Sophisticated seduction…

This deep dark Chinese tea is like a gorgeous starry night, glimmering with gold and silver sugar crystals that shimmer as they steep. Take a sip and the slow suggestion of cinnamon will warm your body. Your toes will tingle…”

Brooke: WHAT?
Stacey: Um.. Your toes will tingle…
Stacey: The universe just knew, Brooke. Oh my God. Oh wow.
Stacey: That is too perfect. I am crying laughing over here…
Brooke: Are you kidding me?
Stacey: K, wait, the rest goes…

“[…] Your mind will turn to fireworks, falling stars, late-night seduction. It’s basically magic. (Is it getting hot in here, or is it just the tea?)”.

…Is your toe tingling yet?
Brooke: Oh, it’s tingling alright. MAN!
Stacey: HAH! There are definitely fireworks; this blows my mind, oh man.
Brooke: Well, DAVIDsTEA, kudos. I didn’t think it was possible but you’ve done it. This is no coincidence. You broke my toe.

Stacey: Wait, the description also says “Allergens: Not vegan”? Um.. what’s… what’s in here that’s animal product?
Brooke: Beats me.
Stacey: Well, the feature ingredients are orange and vanilla. I definitely taste the orange, yummy!
Brooke: It reminds me of orange pekoe; it’s like our last one that was simple but had a fun sweet swing to it.
Stacey: It DOES just taste like orange pekoe. I think they might have just put glitter and orange in here and then went “oooh! You’ll love it!”
Brooke: With a hint of “take THAT, toes!”

Tea Vibes:

Stacey: I think I get what you were saying earlier; DAVIDsTEA has a black tea base and this is it. I’d like to try this one with my grandma, I think, because it reminds me so much of orange pekoe which she loves. It’d be fun to have a clear glass to get the whole effect of the ‘glitteryness’, too. This tea is another not-too-crazy-pretty-solid-wouldn’t-scare-anyone-off tea. Simple, relaxing, and sparkling. 7.5/10

Brooke: Yep. I love the glitter, I think that’s really unique… but I think without the visual, this tea is quite normal. It’s a good breakfast tea; it’s got some sparkle… but dang. If I have to stub my toe every time I want a cup, I’ll pass. It’s not worth the throbbing ache I get to deal with for the next day or two. In all seriousness, it’s a decent tea, but the “ooh ahh” factor is in the sparkle, not the taste. 6.5/10

Phew. A stubbed toe didn’t seem to stop me from going on a skate with Stace at our uni’s ice rink but it did make for a more delicate climb when I bouldered later in the evening. Hopefully if you feel like trying it, you won’t have such a tingly toe experience. Instead, sit back and let it make your morning just a little more dazzling.

Until next tea,

Brooke and Stacey


I’m sure I said something as delicate as this…