Day 3: Orange Pekoe

Hello Tea Drinkers!

Welcome to Day 3 of 24 days of tea! With an herbal and a white tea already under our santa belts, what might be in drawer #3? Why it’s good ol’ fashioned Orange Pekoe. Time to divulge in a classic!

Tea: Orange Pekoe

Description: We’ve polled the entire country and this is, in fact, the perfect pekoe. The classic of all classics. The ultimate pick-me-up. The blend to turn to when you crave a good, honest cup of tea. Some say it evokes thoughts of warm comfort and familiar friends, others go off on tangents about doughnuts and red roses. Either way, everyone falls hard for this all-organic tea from top estates in Sri Lanka and Assam.

Ingredients: Fine black teas from Ceylon, Sri Lanka

Brooke: I should warn you, my sister thinks that she couldn’t tell the difference between this and a name brand! What do you think? Will we be able to tell?
Stacey:  I don’t know! I’m excited to see if it tastes like DAVIDsTEA base blend…My mom said she really likes this tea because she felt like she was sitting at her Nana’s while sipping it. I’m going to try it!


Stacey: Oh my! I can taste the DAVIDsTEA! I can tell it’s not Tetley, the generic brand, like your sister mentioned. This tea doesn’t taste as strong, it’s a bit more delicate.
Brooke: But maybe that comes down to steeping. How long did you steep yours?
Stacey: 5 minutes?
Brooke: Me too. Hey, where are you Skyping from today?
Stacey: I’m Skyping in the cafeteria at work! Now I’m one of those people who Skype is public.
Brooke: Neat. Aw man, my tea’s still way too hot to taste.
Stacey: *cough* *sputter* My tea is very drinkable.
Brooke: But you just sputtered!
Stacey: Because I’m laughing at you! I can still see the steam coming off of your tea.
Brooke: Stacey!!
Stacey: Either way, this tastes better than a name brand. What did you smell first when you smelled the tea out of the tin?
Brooke: *sniffs the tin* Licorice?
Stacey: Oh, Eric and I smelled lemon!
Brooke: I think we’re both wrong.
Stacey: Hey, you sipped it! What did you think?
Brooke: No, I  just blew on it. Here let me try now.

*sip* (#2)

Brooke: Oooh!! I don’t have a bitter after taste with this one!
Stacey: The generic brand totally does!
Stacey: One person on twitter used eggnog to make a latte (re:)
Brooke: I WANT THAT.
Stacey: You can do it!!
Brooke: It’s playing with me- it’s saying “I’m a black tea, but you can barely tell!” It doesn’t have that smokey taste.
Stacey: Yeah, it juts cuts off at some point.
Brooke: We really should do a blind taste test.We’ll have to make sure they’re steeped the same amount of time. Must be a scientific inquiry. You know what, I don’t want egg nog with mine right now. I’m feelin’ this vibe.
Stacey: I wonder if she tried it first then added eggnog.
Brooke: We should tweet her! So innovative.

Final thoughts

Stacey: I feel pleasantly surprised that DAVIDsTEA created something so simple and nice. Usually it’s ridiculous and colourful but this one doesn’t need anything. No eggnog needed.
Brooke: But you don’t like eggnog!
Stacey: Well…
Brooke: I really enjoy this one. I’d buy it except it’s probably stupid expensive and I could probably buy an orange pekoe at the grocery store for literally a quarter of the price.
Stacey: Ya, fur shur.

Here’s what the twitterverse had to say about today’s tea:

: Enjoying an orange pekoe eggnog latte this morning #24daysoftea from @DAVIDsTEA

Day 3 is a classic orange pekoe, and I love it. #24daysoftea #davidstea #adventcalendar #orangepekoe
@DAVIDsTEA My very first cup of tea was orange pekoe. I was 9. #childhoodmemories#24daysoftea
So what did you think? Better than the generic or will you stick with your trusted brand?
Until next tea,
Stacey and Brooke

“Does this have licorice in it?”


Day 2: Vanilla Chai

Evening of December 1st:
Stacey: Oh Brooke, I’m so excited to do 24 days as a proper advent calendar this year! We’ll make the tea in the morning and then I’ll be able to bring my thermos to work.  I can critique the tea on the way, it will be so great!
Brooke: I thought we were going to wake up early and drink it together as roomies? Like the blog post said…
Stacey: Oh… right. Well then, I’m off to bed!

[Way too early in the] morning of December 2nd:
The kettle whistles and Brooke runs down the hallway and pokes her head into the kitchen.

Brooke: I heard the calling!!
Stacey: Bring on Day 2.

Tea: Vanilla Chai

Ingredients: Cinnamon, black tea, licorice root, ginger, vanilla

Description: There’s no better way to warm up a chilly winter day than a hot cup of chai. The combo of rich black tea and exotic spice is like a cup of pure comfort. And this spicy black tea blend turns up the heat even more with a sweet and creamy hint of vanilla. It’s as cozy as a teddy bear wearing a scarf. In front of a roaring fire. While cuddling with a puppy. Try it with milk and sugar for a warming treat that’ll have you wishing for snow.

Steeping Instructions: 1.25 tsp, 96°C, 4-7 minutes

Brooke: TA DA! It’s Vanilla Chai!
Ohhhh. That sounds interesting…do you think this will taste like a latte since it’s vanilla chai?
No, Stace. You’d have to put milk in it, that’s what makes it a latte.
Oh, right. I’m still so excited!
Brooke: It smells so good!
Stacey: Mhmmm smooth and spicy.


Brooke makes a face and looks up the ingredients of the tea.
Brooke: Oh, okay, wow. Vanilla isn’t even the first ingredient in this! It’s cinnamon,then licorice, then ginger!
Stacey: Yeah, I stand by my original statement: smooth and spicy.
Brooke: I don’t hear the smooth.
Stacey: …You taste it.
Brooke: So it’s a hearing problem today then…eh? Here, André, take a sip. What do you think?
André: Mmm, vanilla.
Brooke: Really? I am bombarded by the ginger and licorice right now! It isn’t really a problem, but… name your teas right, man.
André: Well, I have to go, but enjoy your licorice tea!
Brooke: That’s more like it.

Tea Vibes

Brooke: If I went to to DAVIDsTEA on a cold day and asked, “what kind of tea would warm me up?” they would probably give me this. I would drink it and enjoy it…  but I wouldn’t want to get it second time. Such potent flavours! 7/10.

To make the blogging process a bit easier Stacey decided to turn on the “voice type” feature on her phone. This is what she got:

Stacey: I would have to agree that it does taste like ginger in a Christmas dinner. It is like, soft, like, it’s okay, I’m here. 7/10.

[Brooke: We clearly have to use that feature more often…]

And so ends a successful day 2 of the blog! Roomie time and Stacey still got to bring her tea in a thermos to work. Double win!

Until next tea,
Brooke and Stacey


Thumbs up for Christmas dinner!







Sweet Dreams

Hi tea lovers!

It’s Brooke again. As you may have noticed, we usually switch it up with every post… but when Stacey came in after skating tonight she was practically sleep-walking. I knew just the tea so I hurried to put on the kettle before she floated off into dreamland. She obliged, as long as I took the reigns on this one. It’s going to be a short post but you’ll know if this sleepy tea is for you by the end of it.

sweet dreams

Tea: Organic Sweet Dreams

DAVIDsTEA description: Getting enough sleep is the key to everything. You’ll have more energy. You’ll have more patience. Your jokes will be funnier. Everyone will love you. Which is where Sweet Dreams comes in. A delicious blend of sleep-inducing chamomile, lemongrass, hibiscus, licorice, lemon, orange and rose petals, it has everything you need to drift off into dreamland – and stay there all night long.

Ingredients: Chamomile flowers, lemongrass, fennel seeds, hibiscus flowers, lemon peel, orange peel, licorice root, lemon myrtle, rose petals.

I eagerly tossed the boiling water into our mugs, each with 1.5tsp of the loose leaf and I brought Stacey to the family room. The tea was a light orange and gold and it smelled strongly of the chamomile flowers. Stacey was drooling a bit (maybe).

Stacey: This is just sleepiness… in a… cup. I’m nervous.. I think I’m allergic to chamomile.

Brooke: But Checkmate had chamomile in it. You’ll be fine!

Stacey: But this is different. The things at the top are really unnerving. They’re weird.

The infuser hadn’t caught all the debris and some smaller bits remained, much to the dismay of sleepy Stacey.


Stacey: Mmmm. I have an image!

Brooke: Oh?

Stacey: We haven’t done imagery in a while. I feel like I’m on a cloud.

…Before I could even get a word in, Stacey giggles. Then she giggles because she was giggling. Cut to two minutes later, Stacey is still silently laughing at her own “cloud imagery”. I’m just… sitting here.

Stacey: Brooke, make the laughing stop.

Brooke: Okay, what in the, Stacey, you’re crying.

Stacey: I’m tired!! I don’t know why I’m laughing! What do you think of the tea, Brooke?

Brooke: I haven’t even sipped it yet!

Stacey: I’m sorry, I was premature there. Go ahead.


Brooke: …Yep. Definitely a cloud! Well done on the imagery, sleepy Stace.

Stacey: Yeah! See? I’m not crazy.

Brooke: Alright, alright. You know, this tea mixture is like a more hollow version of a straight up chamomile, which a good thing. It doesn’t hit you as hard, I find.

Stacey: And there’s more depth to it. There’s more to it than just chamomile.

Brooke: It really makes me think of Detox though. Without the olive, of course.

Stacey: Still don’t get that. Ooh! I sneezed! See, totally allergic!

Brooke: I have a very very small hint of black licorice. VERY small. Wait, ingredients? Hooray! Fennel seeds! And licorice root, too! I totally tasted those, what do I win?

Stacey: Yeah, there’s… yeah!

Brooke: Seriously you need to go to bed. You’re helping no one.

Tea Vibes:

Stacey: Uhhhmm. … … …It warms you in more than a hot liquid way… It’s like you’re wrapped in a blanket. Very comforting… I really like the taste… A good soothing tea. I don’t think I’d buy it, I’m not a big chamomile fan… I don’t really do the sleepy time teas, but it stands on its own as a good one. Zzzzzz 7/10

Brooke: I’m also not a huge fan of chamomile but I’d rather drink this than a regular chamomile blend. The fennel is a really nice hint, it coats the throat but doesn’t attack the flavours and bowl them over. I don’t really taste the lemon nor the orange but I do sense the citrus undertones. I like it, but I also agree we don’t need to buy it any time soon. 7/10

Final thoughts:

Stacey: I’m tired and want to go to bed.

Oops! Sweet dreams : )

Until next tea,

Brooke and snoozin’ Stacey

sleepy cat (cat,sleepy,cute,funny,adorable)