Day 3: Blueberry Jam

Hello dear readers!

We are on to day #3 of our 24 days of tea adventure! Whoo hoo! We hope that you are enjoying following along with us again this year, because we are certainly enjoying all this tea drinking and reviewing. Seriously, have I mentioned how much I missed you? Because it was A LOT. And I also missed my tea time with Brooke…but shh, don’t tell her. On ward!

Blueberry Jam (organic) from DAVIDsTEA

Tea: Blueberry Jam

Description: We’re jammin’

Blueberries might just be the greatest fruit around – after all, they’re the star ingredient of North America’s favourite muffin. And hundreds of years before moms were making them into jams, jellies and cakes, blueberries were called “star berries” and revered for their healing powers. Another little known fact about blueberries is that they make for one great cup of tea – when you blend them with black tea, elderberries, cornflowers and stevia, it’s the perfect companion to your morning toast.

Ingredients: Organic: Fair Trade Certified black tea from Sri Lanka, blueberries, elderberries, pink cornflower petals, stevia. With organic and natural flavouring*.

Preparation: 1.25tsp, 98C water, 6min steep

Stacey: Hmmm…
Brooke: Yay!
Stacey: Definitely blueberry.
Brooke: Yay! It smells so good!
Stacey: But I’m worried- teas that smell good don’t often taste as good.
Brooke:  But Alpine Punch!

-tea steeped-

Stacey: Wow- it’s so dark! It definitely still SMELLS like blueberry jam. I hope I like it. I’m really feeling a nice tea today. What’s in this one?
Brooke: reads up to “Stevia”
Stacey: NOOOOO! Nooo ho ho ho ho NOOO! Oh and I was so excited. Ugh. Nooooo!
Brooke: I shouldn’t have read that.
Stacey: Ughghghghg.

*A little side note: I hate stevia. Hate it, hate it, hate it! It’s an alternative to sugar but it is has this very distinct taste that is quite overwhelming. Just a fair warning to those of you with a sensitive palette.


Stacey: The good news is, I don’t really taste the stevia. It’s a subtle blueberry. Not super strong. I would very much like to have it with a scone. A blueberry scone. Wait, well, no. I guess since it’s a blueberry jam tea, it’s like “why don’t I have a scone to go with this jam?”
Brooke: It’s definitely another sweet one.
Stacey: Less so than white frost, though. I can tolerate this one.
Brooke: I do really like the blueberry flavour.
Stacey: Yes, it is very nice. I don’t think I’ve ever had a blueberry tea before.
Brooke: I think they just need to realize they don’t need to sweeten everything for us. Stevia was a bad call. But I think you’re right, this would go very well with a plain tea biscuit, or scone, or croissant. It’s a dessert tea. Like.. THIS would be my dessert.
Stacey: I guess they had no choice- blueberry JAM is very sweet.  It’s still not as as sweet as that other one, though. When we had white chocolate frost I could only drink 1/3 of the cup; I just couldn’t swallow it. This is much better!

Tea vibes:

Stacey: If you’re a fan of blueberries, I would definitely recommend this tea. It almost tastes like a herbal, so the bitterness of a black tea is very minimal. For those who dislike stevia, it’s on the milder side. It would definitely pair well with a plain dessert after a holiday dinner party. 3.5/5 stars

Brooke: This is a delicate treat that will wash your senses in blueberry fields (forever). No, for real, it’s an incredibly sweet yet subtle taste that will fill you up and leave you satisfied. No sugar or milk needed and be sure to steep it lightly. It wouldn’t be a daily tea for me but it would be a great blueberry on top of a nice day. 3/5 stars

And there you have it, another tea day in the books! We hope you enjoy your side of blueberry jam today, because we sure did.

Until next tea,
Stacey and Brooke

Ha ha! Vomit.


Day 1: White Chocolate Frost

Happy December 1st one and all! It is that time of year again: winter is in the air, Christmas music can be heard from every corner, and Brooke and I are back for another round of 24 Days of Tea!

Brooke: We’re doing it!
Stacey: But we don’t even know! (hugs the box)

We excitedly opened the box and took out tea #1.

Stacey: Oh my god!! I’m so excited! White Chocolate Frost!
Brooke: Ooo they are started off in luxury!

Tea: White Chocolate Frost

white chocolate frost

Tea Description: Warm up to Winter

Say what you will about winter, but it might just be our favourite season. We love getting good and chilly out in the snow. And warming back up with a comforting drink is even more fun. So we created a cool, creamy drink that brings together everything we love about the season. It has peppermint for a burst of freshness. White chocolate for comfort and warmth. And pretty peppercorns just to make you smile. Sweet, comforting and refreshing, it’s a warm hug and a cool winter’s day – all at once. Limited edition.

Ingredients: Peppermint, white chocolate, pink peppercorn, stevia leaf, natural sugar flavoring, natural and artificial white chocolate mousse flavoring.

Tea Instructions: 1.25 tsp of tea in 96 degree water and let it steep for 3-5 minutes.  *Stacey disclaimer: this tea is a herbal so feel free to enjoy as many cups as you like!


Stacey: Oo that is such a Christmas tea, why are they doing that to us so early? It really does make me think of winter. I just want to go outside and jump in the snow…
André (oops! He’s here, too!): Well, I like it!
Brooke: But…but…you want your peppermint teas to be refreshing! The creaminess knocks me off.
André: I kind of like that though, it’s like drinking silk.
Brooke: I like the idea of a creamy tea, but I just like my peppermint teas pure. And this tea is too sweet!
André: Yeah I would never want to put anything else in this. Imagine making this into a latte.
Brooke: Gag me with a spoon.
Stacey: Do you taste the peppercorns at the end? The flavour really stays in your throat.
Brooke: Hmm yeah. it starts with peppermint, then the creaminess, then ends wih the peppercorns.
André: I think the peppercorns on a winter day would be kick ass.
Brooke: Yeah, you know, I’m thinking if it was a winter day and I had a 20 minute walk ahead of me this would be nice in a thermos.
Stacey:  I thought it was going to taste like peppermint white hot chocolate… definitely not what I thought it would be. Wait…is there stevia in this?! No wonder it’s so sweet! Whew!

Tea Vibes:

Stacey: White chocolate frost makes me think of playing in the snow and coming inside to enjoy something warm. Unfortunately, I think the sugar is just too much for me and I would prefer something that was the basic ingredients of peppermint, white chocolate, and peppercorns. If you’re someone who likes their teas on the sweeter side, I’d give it a go—it’s just not for me. 1 star/5. (That’s right, we’ve moved to the star system this year, people!)

André: I agree that it’s an extremely sweet tea but with the right ambiance it could work. Walking outside in the snow with a thermos, for example, would pair nicely with this tea. I also think the ingredients are well balanced: you have the peppermint, the creamy chocolate, and the heat of the peppercorns. I like that progression of flavours, but I can see what Stacey means that she wants it to be simpler. I don’t think it’s one I would buy a tin of but if I was walking home and wanting a tea I might buy it. Maybe 2 stars.

Brooke: This tea would be great for someone who enjoys exploring new flavour combinations and wants to try something new. Starting refreshing and ending smoothly it’s a delight to anybody who enjoys the sweet side of tea. Sadly, that wasn’t us! 3 stars.

Well dear readers after our long hiatus it feels great to be back! We are going to try our best to review as many teas as we can this month and hopefully we won’t end up with Christmas in July!

Until next tea,
Stacey and Brooke (and André)

“Honey, have you heard? The Tea Connoisseurs are back!”