Santa’s Secret

Readers!! Readers!!

We’ve DONE it! We are on the LAST DavidsTea Day of Tea! That’s right, with this final post, our 24 Days of Tea venture will be complete. Stacey and I realize that we’re three months overdue and that “Christmas” is a little passé but hey. Bring it on Santa. We’ve got this.

Santa's Secret from DAVIDsTEA

Tea: Santa’s Secret

DAVIDsTEA description: Need a little helper?

Ever wonder how Santa manages to deliver all those presents in just one night? Well here’s the hush-hush formula. He uses a special combination of Chinese black tea, peppermint leaves and spices – all sprinkled with real little candy canes. It’s both energizing and remarkably soothing. All Santa needs is one cup and his motto changes from “ho ho ho” to “go go go”.

Ingredients: Chinese black tea, peppermint leaves, candy cane sprinkles.

We each scooped 1.5tsp into our mugs and added 98°C water, letting them steep for a total of 6 minutes. We were a bit apprehensive what with the mini candy canes and holiday spirit.

Brooke: Huh. Weird, it smells like chocolate mint but there’s no chocolate ingredients.
Stacey: It smells like Read My Lips! Wait, is it sacrilegious to have Christmas tea at Easter? Not that we’re religious.
Brooke: Nah, Santa and the Easter bunny won’t mind.
Stacey: Cheers!


Brooke: Whoa. Christmas.

Stacey: Yup! Oh man, this would have been really good to have on Christmas eve! Hey, at least it’s cold out today…

Brooke: No seriously, this is a 100% perfect Christmas tea. The flavour is really specific. This isn’t just a mint tea, it’s a candy cane tea.

Stacey: Why didn’t we just cheat and have this on Christmas eve? Aw, I feel jipped.

Brooke: STACEY!

Stacey: Does it say that it’s smooth?

Brooke: No, it says it’s soothing.

Stacey: I’d change it. It’s smooth, there are no harsh flavours.. just.. candy cane..


Stacey: I guess I’d call that soothing then. Oh.

Brooke: It’s such a nice and sweet feeling.

Stacey: Saving the best for last, DAVIDsTEA, wow. Next Christmas, this one is coming out early.

Brooke: I love it. I just… I love it! It’s so perfect for the holidays, you’re right. It’ll be a must have next season.

Stacey: Mhmm! Mmm.. Mhmm! All of the images from Christmas are flooding in right now.

Brooke: Yeah if we closed our eyes we could imagine all of the decorations are still up on the mantle, our lights are shining on our porch…

Stacey: Yep. It reminds me a lot of that other minty tea Read My Lips… but I like it better.

Brooke: Why?

Stacey: I don’t know… it’s more subtle. It doesn’t throw all of these different flavours at you.

Brooke: Oh Santa, you sly dog, you! Can I have some more?

Tea Vibes:

Brooke: Ahh. This tea is a delightful reminder that there are perks during winter. Its smooth and creamy texture brings the warmth right into your centre and its candy cane flavours bring out all the Christmas cheer you didn’t even know you had. I would happily recommend this to all when it comes out again next winter (but let’s not think about that right now). Deliciously delightful. 9/10

Stacey: I would say that if I were Santa, I would definitely choose this tea over a glass of milk. [Brooke: But Stacey! You don’t like milk!] That’s beside the point!  This is a really good tea and I would recommend it to anyone for the holidays. It gives you that Christmas imagery you so often crave when you lack the white Christmas. It reminds you of spending time with the family. It’s a very nice smooth black tea; not too harsh. The mint is wonderfully delicious- it stays with you the entire sip, not very strong, just constant comfort. Merry Christmas. 9.5/10

And with that, our 24 Days of DAVIDsTEA journey is now complete. We did it! Look forward to a special Easter Egg post coming soon, featuring Stacey’s extended family, as well as a summary post with our favourites and recommendations from the set.

Thank you so much for following along for these past few months. As we begin our next adventure with Nourish Tea in the next few weeks, we hope you stick around to try them with us. : )

Until next tea,
Brooke and Stacey