Rooibos de provence (DAVIDsTEA)

Happy new year, readers!

Christmas has now wrapped up, decorations have finally been put away and work has re-started (if it ever stopped). Luckily for us, Christmas provided everyone with some new teas to try, so today I sat down with our good friend MK and enjoyed some some “frou-frou rustic glamour”. Ooo la la, allons-y!

Tea: Rooibos de provence

Description: The scent of lavender never fails to evoke the south of France, with its fabulous mix of tiny villages and celebrity-filled beaches and yachts. So imagine yourself in Aix or St-Tropez, leisurely sipping on this smooth blend. It’s filled with sophistication.

Ingredients: Rooibos, blueberries, rosehips, rose petals, lavender, black currants, red currants, artificial blueberry flavouring

Instructions: 1.25tsp, 4-7 minutes, 96C water.

Brooke: So… I steep my teas for 5 minutes.
MK: What? Oh no, I keep mine in for longer. We’ll have to steep ours separately.

Each person may have their own preference for tea steeping time and that must be always respected! As the teas steeped, we debated on the brews’ smells and potential uses. 

Brooke: Mmmm blueberries… No. Wait…lavender?
MK:  THAT’s what that is.
Brooke: Um, MK… you’re putting your face IN your mug.
MK: BROOKE! I could turn this into a facial!
Brooke: What?!
MK: Yes. What’s in this?
Brooke: Blueberries, currants, lavender, rose petals… The title says “A little rustic glamour”.
MK: Oh. That is totally me.


MK: You know, in a past blog post your mom said she tastes the teas better when they’re cool. I am SO in her camp. All I taste right now is fruitiness. Hey, what do currants taste like?
Brooke: Like grapes… I think.
MK: Oh. Really?
Brooke: Well, when I was in the UK, we would have black currant juice. A campus bartender would put black currant syrup with beer and cider and call it a Snake Bite.
MK: In Calgary, we would put canned tomato juice in beer and call it the Calgary Red Eye.
Brooke: Oh my god I would barf.
MK: What do you think of the tea, Brooke?
Brooke: Hmm.. it’s like the decaffeinated version of Blueberry Jam, a black tea we had last year.
MK:I think.. I think… it’s pretty. Also, so was the smile you just had. Very pretty!
Brooke: How sweet of you to say!
MK: I think the long list of herbs and flowers bump it up to that pretty flavour. “The frou frou French”. Yep, I like this tea. It’s its own dessert.
Brooke: So, we don’t need dessert tonight?
MK: I never said that!!

Tea vibes:

(Without Stacey’s voice-to-text feature, we provide our final thoughts with articulation and accuracy)

MK: The ingredients wouldn’t normally be sought out in my favourite teas, but this tea was very pretty, frou frou, and French. I enjoyed it, it was something different. And you know, change is good. Want some life wisdom? Be spontaneous. Do new things. Drink new tea. I give it a good hearty 8/10.

Brooke: It reminds me a lot of blueberry jam, but this one has a nice “rustic goodness” about it that really brings it home. Reminds me of walks along the forest line meeting with the shore. The rooibos gets to come out in this one, too. It gets to be a player in the tea and gets to mingle with all the other flavours. I wouldn’t buy this for the apartment but would happily recommend it as a caffeine-free brew to my people. 7/10.

Well, with a final sip to finish things off, we felt satisfied with out visit to the South of France. And hey, we made it to 10,000 hits! Thanks to all who continue to read about our tea-steeped adventures. Stay tuned for our next post, where we try out DAVIDsTEA’s “Brazillionaire” with Stacey.

Until next tea,
Brooke and MK

P.S. Thanks to The Tea Sisters for the picture of the looseleaf tea. Reading their blog posts makes us want to meet them, because of their love for YouTube, tea and using capital letters for emphasis.


This tea review is dedicated to Dale Kohlman (1961-2012).

Day 11: Mother’s Little Helper

Hi readers!

Happy Day #11 of 24 Days of Tea! My mother was visiting recently and when we decided to review a tea together; when we pulled this one out- it was perfect! We had just made an asparagus and potato salad and I was a little helper in the kitchen while she did all the hard stuff. Heeeere we go! : )

Tea: Mother’s Little Helper

Mother's Little Helper (organic) from DAVIDsTEA

Description: The Great Escape

Need a little relaxation? Try running for the shelter of this mother’s little helper. It’s got organic valerian (aka “nature’s Valium”) to take the edge off your 24/7 reality. Plus there’s chamomile, peppermint and lemongrass for an added dose of tranquility. And pretty blue cornflowers just to make you happy. One sip and you’ll feel like you’ve spent the day at a spa.

Tea ingredients: Organic: peppermint, lemongrass, rosehips, Fair Trade Certified hibiscus, chamomile flowers, valerian root, cornflowers. With natural peppermint flavouring.

Tea Instructions: 1.5 tsp, 98°C, 4-7 min.

Stacey: Oh no! There’s chamomile? I shouldn’t drink it. I will sniff it.

Brooke: This smell reminds me a lot of their Detox tea, the hibiscus and lemongrass scents especially.

Stacey: *sniff* It has a VERY big floral scent, because of the ragweed, I mean…chamomile.

Brooke: Mom, what do you think it smells like?

Cathy: …Socks?

Brooke: Oh!

Cathy: It’s not like Jingle Bells with all that other stuff..

Brooke: She means White Chocolate Frost

Cathy: Why do I come for a visit just to be teased?

Brooke: Don’t worry Mom, we’re just laughing AT you!

Cathy: Oh, good.

Stacey: It’s kind of like a weird pink… yellowy.. Am I allowed to say pukey colour?

Brooke: This is boding well…


Cathy: Oh, you know, it tastes much better than it smells! I like the peppermint. It’s not bad- I don’t feel the need to sweeten it.

Brooke: Oh wow, yes, this IS good! Not as harsh as Detox.

Cathy: It still SMELLS like socks, though. Maybe lemongrass to me smells like socks?

Brooke: I like the lemon and mint mix, it’s so soft.

Cathy: Is that white thing on the floor a skull?

Brooke: We’re still transitioning from Halloween!

Cathy: So that’s why the scarecrow has a Santa hat on?

Stacey: It’s a work in progress.

Tea vibes:

Cathy: I like a tea that I don’t have to add anything extra to prepare it. I will definitely drink it again- the peppermint is fun! I’m going to lay down for a nap… 4/5

Brooke: The peppermint is so nice and airy! The chamomile is soothing and the flavours didn’t assault my senses. Don’t be turned off by the smell (of socks?), just dip in and enjoy! 4/5

Stacey: *Achoo!*

Cathy: Zzzzzz.

Shhh! Until next tea,

Brooke and Stacey (and Cathy)

Sleeping after steeping.

Day 2: Alpine Punch

After a late night of bouldering (indoor rock climbing without the ropes- we’re wild!), we settled in for Day #2 of DAVIDsTEA’s 24 Days of Tea. Are you excited?


Cheers ALL around on this one. André made some kind of a Sherpa comment, which confused me until Stacey confirmed that something similar to Sherpas were in this tea’s description. Here we go!

Tea: Alpine Punch

Alpine Punch from DAVIDsTEA

Tea Description:  High altitude taste

Have you heard of the barbegazi? According to Swiss lore, they are a group of furry little men that live high in the Alps. They are known for their long, icy beards and enormous feet, which they use to ski down hills and surf on avalanches. But how do they stay warm up in the frozen mountains all year round? We like to think it’s with a fortifying brew like this almond-scented rooibos, with apple, cinnamon, and ginger. If you see some very big footprints next time you’re out hiking, follow them to the barbegazi’s cave and see if they offer you a cup. Limited edition.

Tea Ingredients: Rooibos, coconut chips and rasps, apple pieces, cinnamon pieces, ginger bits, cardamom, black pepper, rose blossoms, almond flakes, artificial flavouring.

Tea Instructions: 1.5tsp, 98 degrees, 4-7 minutes. Perfection.

Stacey opted to shower as the tea boiled. Drinking tea with pjs on is a good way to go to bed, she said.

Stacey: Can I skimp out on the loose leaf?


Stacey:  GOSH DARNIT BROOKE WHY DO YOU MAKE IT COMPLICATED. Oooh! There’s a just little bit left!

Brooke: André, what you remember about your previous Alpine Punch experiences?

André: Well, considering I had some last night, I remember it being delicious, wonderful, and tasting like winter.  I remember it has the happiest smell.

The kettle blew its whistle and André ran off to pour the water in to the teapot.

Oh man, Stacey and I are excited to be doing these reviews again. We missed having late night teas together and we missed our lovely readers.

André brought out our mugs just as Stacey was coming out in her pjs.

Stacey: TEA! But… I want to go to bed.

THEN Stacey nearly flashed us with a hole in her pjs. “Oh no, don’t write that! But seriously, do you see it? Is it okay if I still wear them right now? Cause… okay. Good.”

Brooke: Ooooh this tea smells delicious! Cinnamon, coconut, almond oh my!

Stace: I really need to get another container of this. We had TWO containers of this last year and we finished it.

André: Me too!

Stacey: Hands down…

André: …Best tea ever.

Stacey: Really sad it’s just a winter tea.

Brooke: Why are we even reviewing this tea if we all agree that we totally love it?

André: It’s like you said- it’s a gulper. Wait for it to cool down and gulp it.

Stacey: I’m trying to remember the first time I ever had this tea- honestly the description got me. It’s one of the only rooibos teas I enjoy. It’s jam packed full of amazing  flavours that just go so well together. The almond is delicious.

André: You know, the thing is,  I forget what I was gonna say.

Stacey: Welcome to our tea blog, André. 

André: It IS a very winter tea, couldn’t have it in warm weather, though it would make a very nice iced tea. But I really associate this tea with snow.

Stacey: It’s reminiscent of our last tea blog experience. Put in a thermos on any winter day and it would be golden.

André: I agree- it actually DOES make me want to be a Sherpa.

Tea vibes:

André: Put it in your mouth and enjoy.

Stacey: Buy this tea. What’s our rating system? 5/5, done.

André: Boom.

Stacey: Bow to the tea.

André: Touch down.

Stacey: I like Joseph Gordon-Levitt.

And there you have it! Alpine Punch- it’s a keeper! Those subtle hints of ginger and cardamom keep this tea from being too sweet while the coconut and almond rounds it out perfectly. Wait, there was apple in there? Ack! Get the Benadryl!

Until next tea,

Brooke and Stacey (and André)

Give me an S! Give me a Tea!