Day 11: Hot Chocolate

Hello friends!

Brooke is off at a full-day conference today, so it will be just me reviewing the tea. Who knew time change would be so difficult for two roomies who want to enjoy a cup of tea together? In any case, I’ll try to bring some excitement by adding thoughts from my co-worker Poppy, and Eric to round out the post. Let’s see how hot chocolate tastes in tea form!

Tea: Hot Chocolate

Hot Chocolate

Description: We take hot chocolate pretty seriously around here. It’s gotta be rich, decadent and mega-creamy. And after searching high and low for the ultimate hot chocolate tea, we finally found the perfect blend. We took a flavourful base of pu’erh and black tea, then we added real cocoa nibs and fudgy chocolate chips. The result? An uber-chocolately blend worthy of the name Hot Chocolate. Dark, sweet and totally satisfying, it’s the perfect winter treat.

Ingredients: Pu’erh tea, black tea, cocoa nibs, chocolate chips (sugar, chocolate liquor, cocoa butter, soy lecithin, vanilla), chocolate curls (sugar, cocoa butter, whole milk powder, chocolate liquor, whey powder, lactose, soy lecithin, vanilla), stevia extract

Since Brooke wasn’t able to have the tea with me today, that meant that I was able to have it right in the morning. It was quite the change!


Stacey: Well this is definitely a pur’eh.
Poppy: It’s kind of got a smokey taste to it.
Stacey: Yeah, not as sweet as I was expecting.
Poppy: I don’t hate it but I don’t know if I love it. It kind of tastes like watered down hot chocolate.
Stacey: Almost tastes like one of those chocolate calcium chews…not sure if that’s a good thing though. Any final thoughts?
Poppy: I probably wouldn’t buy it myself, but I would drink it if someone offered it to me.
Stacey: And that’s exactly what happened!

Later this morning Eric also provided his two cents: 

Eric: It’s a sweet tea that hit its mark in terms of the flavor. Unfortunately it doesn’t quite live up to what a hot chocolate is, especially like the one we had on the canal. I’m sure a foamy late version of it would make it much more enjoyable.
Stacey: Agreed, earlier Poppy and I were saying it was almost like a watered down hot chocolate. I almost prefer this though, mostly because hot chocolate is often too sweet for me.
Eric: Good point, I almost never drink hot chocolate because the sweetness is overpowering. So the watered down might not be a failure but rather a way to make it more enjoyable for us.
Stacey: I would be interested to try this is in a latte format though.

Final Thoughts: 

Stacey: As usually, as the tea cooled down the more flavour notes were present. This tea has a nice smooth creamy factor to it that bring out different layers of chocolate. I really enjoyed drinking this one but probably wouldn’t make it one of my regulars. Glad I got to try it though with 24 days of tea!

 Here’s what the Twitterverse had to say:

@lol_laurabHot Chocolate Pu’erh was the warm hug I needed to wake up on this sluggish Friday. Thanks to @DAVIDsTEA #24daysoftea ☕️

@jfeliciao: today’s @DAVIDsTEA #24DaysOfTea selection is one of my FAVES!!!! #HotChocolate

@megj95: When you start the day with hot chocolate tea it can only be a good day! Thank you @DAVIDsTEA #24daysoftea #heaven

Well, that’s another one for the books folks. What did you all think of this one? See you tomorrow for another round!

Until next tea,
Stacey and Brooke (and Poppy and Eric)

Here’s hoping that this will be open soon!


Day 21: Chocolate Orange

Hello readers!

Today it’s a double review with my Mom, Lorie making a guest appearance and Brooke’s Mom and Dad, Cathy and Stewart, adding their thoughts in too. And with Brooke and I reviewing the tea at different times, things are getting a bit tricky with editing posts. Unbeknownst to me, I accidentally wrote over the post Brooke had written (oops!). Luckily, after some quick thinking on Brooke’s part and a few tense moments, the post was recovered. Thank goodness! So you should consider yourselves lucky that you get to enjoy the post that-almost-never-was…

Tea: Chocolate Orange

Chocolate Orange from DAVIDsTEA

Description: So Happy Together

Some things are just meant to go together. Cups and saucers. Cream and sugar. Tea and cookies. And chocolate and orange. It’s a harmonious combo alright – rich, sweet and decadently dark. And this delicious pu’erh blend has it all: big chocolate chips to satisfy your dessert craving and zesty orange peel for a touch of fruitiness and spice. It’s the kind of thing you could get used to. Which is good, because you and this tea are totally made for each other.

Ingredients: Pu’erh tea, chocolate, orange peel, natural and artificial flavouring.

Steeping Preperation: 1.25 tsp, 98°C, 4-6 min

Cathy: Hmm, I guess I can smell the chocolate. I do not smell the orange but it smells very welcoming and comfortable.
Brooke: Yeah, for the first time the smell isn’t knocking me over. It’s very subtle. I wonder that means for the taste…

Back in Bolton:

Lorie: It smells like some sort of hand lotion.
Stacey: Oh shoot, I dropped some tea leaves on the floor.
Lorie: You better pick it up before Titan eats it.
Stacey: It looks like mouse poop.
Lorie: Don’t even go there Stacey!


Lorie: Oh, it has a smooth taste. But no chocolate yet. Or orange.
Stacey: …What does it taste like then?
Lorie: Okay, a tad bit of chocolate.
Stacey: It’s very dark in the cup…kind of looks like beer.
Lorie: Mine looks like coffee. But it doesn’t have an after-taste like coffee. It’s not very harsh on the palate at all.
Stacey: I taste more orange then chocolate. It almost has a tropical note to it…maybe that’s just the citrus.

Back in Halifax:

Brooke: Oh! I like the taste! The orange is peeeerfect in there.
Cathy: You taste the orange? It’s lost on me.
Stewart: Hm! It’s sweet.
Cathy: Do you throw a fit?
Stewart: No, a cow.
Brooke: Parents, can we put down the crossword for a SECOND?

Cathy: It’s lighter, it’s not as satisfying as the others.
Stewart: What kind of tea is it?
Brooke: Pur’eh. It’s a dark tea from China.
Stewart: Hm, I like it! I like dark teas.
Cathy: And I don’t, I think that’s why I’m not as impressed.
Brooke: It’s too sweet for me, too chocolatey. I’m still full from my ice cream cake dessert, though…

Cathy: Where vaults can be seen… well…
Stewart: 4 down is wrong!
Brooke: Well this is going just peachy.

Tea vibes:

Lorie: This is a nice, mellow, smooth tea with just a hint of chocolate and an aftertaste of orange. It pairs well with being cozy inside while it’s freezing rain outside. It’s also a nice wind-down tea after a day of baking and christmas preparations. I enjoyed it very much. 4.5/5

Stacey: I recommend drinking this tea after it’s cooled down a bit. The chocolate flavour really comes through and mixes well with the orange. I don’t think it tastes like a chocolate orange but it’s still quite nice. Not too sweet either! A lovely tea to sip on with Christmas music playing in the background. 4.25/5

Stewart: I like this tea. I like the complexity of the fermented black leaves and the tones. I wondered if the flavour would change over time but for a small cup of tea, it’s just dandy! 3.5/5

Brooke: I think it’s just not what I was in the mood for after eating dessert. It IS a dessert, so  the chocolate and orange were too much for me. If I was in a different mood, I bet I would really like it. 3/5

Cathy: Zzzz

Well, that’s day 21 in the books! 3 more days to go people! I’m hoping that I’ll be able to review a tea with Brooke tomorrow, but apparently we are in for quite the ice storm. Newscasters are even comparing it to the ice storm of ’98, yikes! I better go wrap my Christmas presents while we still have power!

Until next tea,
Stacey (and Lorie) and Brooke (and Cathy and Stewart)

I’m not losing you again. You’re going to stay right here with me.