Day 5: Detox (read: Cresting Cranes of Legend)

Day 5 brought excitement in the Brooke/Stacey abode, as we were ready for something to perk us up this cold morning… yet… we didn’t like what we found.

Brooke: Detox?! Nooooooo!!!

Detox is a tea that we’ve reviewed before (click here to read our thoughts on the brew). We both agreed Detox is best served when sick because of the hints of lemongrass and chamomile. Since we were both not sick today, we saved it for a time in need and, instead, reviewed a tea we own but haven’t discussed yet: Nourish Tea’s tasty Cresting Cranes of Legend. Enjoy something new from your Tea Connoisseurs!

Tea: Cresting Cranes of Legend

Description: white bai mu dan is a classic Chinese white tea grown in the Chinese province of Fujian (where the best white tea in the world is grown) high up in the misty mountains. You can’t get closer to the whole fresh leaf than with white tea. Open the tin and you’ll witness for yourself how lovely and large a whole white tea leaf can be – “cresting cranes of legend” is honestly beautiful just to look at, especially as it steeps. With the highest in anti-oxidants and the lowest in caffeine of all teas, this velvety-smooth tea will win you over the minute it hits your lips.
Ingredients: White tea. (that’s IT! :))

Stacey: Mmm, I love white tea. It’s always so tasty. This is delicious!
Brooke: Here, André, you try some, too.
André: Oh that’s nice! It’s very light.
Brooke: Yeah, it is very “smooth and velvet-y”, eh? So subtle and simple.
Stacey: No artificial flavours or anything, either.
Brooke: Get your morning dose of antioxidants, people!
André: Tell me, oh Brooke science-y girl, how do antioxidants work?
Brooke: WELL, exposure to oxygen can break down atoms in cells, causing un-paired electrons (“free radicals”) to form, which suck for cells because free radicals poke around at other molecules, who wanna be left alone (like DNA!). Any chemicals that can donate an electron to these radicals have “antioxidant” properties because they stop the free radical bullying going on in your cells! They’re your cell’s first line of defense.
André: Oh! So it’s super hero tea.
Brooke: Yes.

Tea Vibes:

With the voice-type feature turned on Stacey’s phone, our opinions became a bit muddled: 

Brooke: Detox tea makes me feel sick! But this newish white tea makes me feel right at home. I love it and I’m glad we have it. Elan 210!
Stacey: I have to be with Brooke reading detox tea. Am I really, like, the nearest? I had the other day with a friend of mine and I’m so excited for my walk to work. Alright, I am on Thames.

And there you have it! Nourish Tea is a great company that we LOVE and deserves some attention, too. If you’re ever interested in giving one of their teas a try, stop on over. We’ve got LOTS. : )

Until next tea,
Brooke and Stacey

Did you learn something new today?




Oh readers, we’ve missed you. We apologize dearly for the delay in our posts of 2013.  Since returning to Ottawa, Brooke and I have both been quite busy, so much so that we barely even see each other, let alone have a tea together. I started a new job as a research assistant and have been enjoying the freedom of post-student life while Brooke has jumped back into her Master’s, improv practices, and Girl Guide meetings full-force. Thank goodness we both drank a tea while we were at home and I finally had the time to put it all together. Rest assured our next post will be back to the norm of the two of us goofs having a tea and a laugh together. For now- onward to Detox!


 Tea: Detox

DAVIDsTEA Description:  Restart and restore

Need a reboot? Try this traditional formula. The rooibos will restore your equilibrium with iron, potassium, zinc and manganese. The sencha will pump you full of antioxidants. The ginger’ll zap lethargy and headaches. The ginkgo will clear your mind. The lemongrass will detoxify your liver. And the juniper berries will flush out toxins and any lingering regrets. Not working? Just go back to bed.

Ingredients: Rooibos, sencha green tea, ginger, lemongrass, ginkgo, juniper berries. With natural lemon flavouring.

I drank my Detox on New Year’s Day with my Mom (seemed fitting, given the lack of sleep and consumption of other liquids) and Brooke gave Detox a try when she woke up one morning not feeling so hot back in December. We swapped notes afterward.

Given that this was a mixture of a green and rooibos tea, I was a little shocked when the DAVIDsTEA instructions called for 98° water to be poured over 1.5 tsp of tea leaves, but it seemed to work just fine. I steeped my leaves for a good 5 minutes and Brooke went for 6.

I’m not going to lie, I was kind of  dreading this tea. The description and ingredients just weren’t doing it for me…seemed like a lot of strong flavors in one tea, and the smell…phew, it cleared my nose alright! I felt a little apprehensive when I finally took the plunge.


Stacey: Hmm, this tea actually not that bad. No, it’s not bad at all! The taste reminds me of a ginger tea I really like.
Lorie: Tastes like cough syrup to me…but with a fruity taste afterwards.
Stacey: It has a lighter taste than I thought it would, not overpowering at all. You can definitely taste the ginger and the lemon grass though.
Lorie: It would be good if you had a cold I think.
Stacey: Or after a night of ringing in the New Year!

Meanwhile, back in Halifax, Brooke let her tea settle for a good 10 minutes before taking her first sip. She said that Detox had the overwhelming smell of olives, which is ridiculous.

Brooke: Mmm, It tastes like chamomile; soft and soothing. There is a slight spice that lingers at the tip of your lips and tongue. The reviews made it sound scary, but it’s just another night time tea. The flavour of Detox tea definitely doesn’t bite you or even comfort you… it just sits with you. One thing I will say is this tea is doing wonders for my sore throat.  And it has a strong olive taste too!  [Not gonna lie, no idea what she’s on about with the olives.] After letting it sit for 10 minutes, the flavour dulled a bit but was still lovely. Yummy!

Tea Vibes

Stacey: I found this tea to be a lot less harsh than I thought it would be, which is a good thing. I’ve had a few “sore throat” teas that have been really strong and had an overpowering lemon flavor to them but Detox is not like that at all. I think the ingredients really worked well together and left me with a nice, pleasant aftertaste. I wouldn’t necessarily say this is a staple tea, but I wouldn’t turn it down if it was offered. I give this one a 7/10.

Brooke: Oh I liked this one. It was neat- after I had this tea and went for a walk along the ocean with my parents and we went to a little tea shop down the road. There I tried their version of Detox and had fun considering the flavours. The other tea still had a heavy sense of Chamomile, seemed a little stronger but I may have felt that way because I was cold from our winter walk. No olive taste though [But seriously? Olive? I don’t even know where she is getting that]. Overall, this tea is calm and soothing. I liked it better than a regular chamomile; it made me smile. 7.5/10

Hooray, after a bit of a break ,the two tea roomies are back! We’ll be much more frequent in our posts from now on, we promise. As a nice plus, we finally got our tea together and even had a brew this evening! Brooke is looking forward to sharing our experience with you, so look for that in the next couple of days. Hope you all are having a lovely, mild January. Happy tea drinking!

Until next tea,
Stacey and Brooke


Brooke wanted me to show you all her lovely ocean walk that she mentioned, so here it is.