Brazillionaire (DAVIDsTEA)

Happy winter weekend, readers!

It’s a cold one in the capital of Canada today as MK and I sat down to review a brew and keep ourselves warm. Stacey joins us part way through and we all shared in the richness of this brazillionaire blend. Enjoy!

Tea: Brazillionaire

Description: Get Rich Quick. Have you heard tales of the wealthy Brazilian eccentric? According to local stories, he was completely obsessed with Brazil nuts, the source of his fortune. He insisted on having them in every meal – even his afternoon tea! Was it needless decadence, or a stroke of genius? You’ll have to taste it yourself to decide. This fabulously opulent blend combines black tea with whole Brazil nuts, raisins and coconut. Trust us – it tastes like a million bucks.

Ingredients: Black tea, Brazil nuts, raisins, coconut, natural and artificial flavouring

Instructions: 96C, 4-7 minutes, 1 tsp

MK: It smells like the looseleaf did, which is a good thing!
Brooke: Your face is in the tea again.
MK: Another facial! Mmmmm.
Brooke: It smells like a creamy dark chocolate. Is that a thing?
MK: That… would be milk chocolate.
Brooke: Oh. Right.


MK: Mmm.. It’s really rich! Like… sitting on a velvet bed kind of rich. With lions and gold chains. Cause you know… Brazil? Okay, I’m digging myself into a hole, your turn! I dunno, I’m just picturing this pimp in velvet drinking this tea. Cause.. yeah. Yeah. Oh this is good.
Brooke: It’s so creamy yet again, I swear they’re magicians.
MK: I almost think I need to buy this if only to be reminded of this conversation every time I drink it. “Creamy dark chocolate.”
Brooke: OH lay off! I don’t think I have ever had Brazil nuts before… Have you? You’re making a face.
MK: I’m thinking of my grandfather. Brazil nuts came in our Christmas nut bowls at my grandparents. They look like.. wait, I don’t know what they look like. They’re really rich, though. So, it really works well with this tea. I’m gettin’ that rich nutty flavour, creamy coconut, then slight sweetness from the raisins.
Brooke: MK, you’re really getting good at this tea review thing!
MK: Well Brooke, I’ve got a good teacher, as I spit into my spittoon. You know, like wine tasters. Hey, this is getting better as it cools even (shout out to Brooke’s mom).

Stacey arrives after a visit home, sits down and reviews the final sips before we head out to play boardgames at a local café.

Stacey: Ah yes, I just had this with my family just yesterday! I only let my mom have a taste so I felt guilty. It reminded me of toasted walnut. It smells like it, too.
Brooke: Have a sip!
Stacey: This is lukewarm. I’ll heat it up. OH GOD MY TONGUE. I CAN’T TASTE.
Brooke: Karma?
MK: What do you think of the tea now, Stacey?
Stacey: Um… Well, because of its name, it reminds me of going through a rainforest in Brazil, if they exist, and you’d be with a guide, and he’d be like “try this piece of bark, it’s fantastic” and it would be like a local treasure. And he’d be speaking through a translator.
MK: If anything, this tea evokes vivid imagery.

Tea vibes:

Since Stacey’s back, we spoke our final thoughts on this tea to her phone, which then typed up what it sounded like we said. Here are our final vibes on the brew:

Stacey: Mail fantastic. Also, taste pretty good. I would have it on a special occasion with whoever millionaire.

Brooke: Lifted and ride, so much joy to everybody sitting at the table because we got to explore our our creative minds! I hope that it inspires my creative mind to finish this god damn thing 2007 have I done.

MK: Ok. It was good. I like it. I want it and it was toasty in creamy and made me feel like a gazillion bucks. London, I’ll call you.

And there you go! Another wonderful tea time with your Ottawa friends. Or tea saints, says MK. I am apparently Tea Moses, since I “bring tea to my people”.

Any teas that you fancy we try? Let us know!

Until next tea,

Brooke, MK and Stacey

Brooke depicted as Tea Moses, by MK.

Brooke depicted as Tea Moses, by MK.