Day 15: English Breakfast

Happy  Sunday evening, everyone!

It’s getting colder by the hour here in Ottawa and it’s a slipper kind of day in our downtown apartment. Stacey pulled out this tea and it suited us nicely- something to warm us up and keep us going on this chilly day!

Tea: English Breakfast

English Breakfast from DAVIDsTEA

Description: The Classic of Classics

There’s nothing better than waking up to a genuinely fabulous cup of English Breakfast tea. Which is why we took great care in choosing our signature blend. We were looking for the perfect balance. Something with body and a satisfyingly full flavour, without being overpowering. The winner? A flowery pekoe from Sri Lanka. You’ll find yourself drinking it all day long.

Ingredients: Sri Lankan black tea.

Instrctions: 1.5 tsp, 98°C, 4-5 min

Stacey: We don’t often get to try “normal” Davidstea teas! I’m excited.

Brooke: Yes- a nice simple black on a cold day like today should be just right!


Stacey: Mmhmm! It is! It’s so nice.

Brooke: Oh yes.

Stacey: I think it may even have more flavour than the nourish tea English Breakfast, which is saying something.

Brooke: Definitely their “base” black tea, but it’s still quite nice. Might be worth a dollop of almond milk to round it out.

Stacey: You know me and milk and tea. I think it’s just fine the way it is.

Brooke: What imagery comes to mind when you close your eyes and sip this delightful brew?

Stacey: Oh, we haven’t done that in a while. 

Stacey: Hey! I was thinking that, I just didn’t SAY it!

Brooke: We are roommates. I know you.

/rant and ramble about our six years together as roomies/

Brooke: Ok, imagery, Stace. Cough it up.

Stacey: It’s interesting, I have two images. I’m in Chateau Laurier sipping high tea and then outside, doing some rugged backwoods camping. Two extremes. Actually, not camping, something more intense and hard working… like a coal mine! This is a prize for finishing your work, you know?

Brooke: So it’s not a start your day kind of tea, it’s more of..

Stacey: No, it is! This is for people who wake up really early and start they actual day. I feel more away since drinking it. Am I rambling?

Brooke: No! Caffeine’s great.

Tea vibes:

Stacey: If we didn’t have all the english breakfast from nourishtea, I would want to pick this up and have it as a staple in the cupboard. You can have this tea on any occasion and it’s something you’d be familiar with. Not too bitter- I like it! 4/5

Brooke: Yep, it’s a classic done right. No tricks- just a lovely solid tea that we should always have on hand for our many guests clambering to have a tea with us (hah!). No sugar needed but I’d toss a bit of milk in there to bring it out fully. Yum! 3.5/5

So now you all know what to get your coal miner friend for Christmas! No need to thank us. ; )

Until next tea,

Brooke and Stacey

One sip tea, one sip beer!  It’s the coal miner way!


Day 10: Coffee Cake

Hi readers!

So, as I was putting on the kettle and prepping our teas this afternoon, Stacey called me on her way home from work wanting to know what tea it was today. Much to her dismay, I kept her in the dark as the teas were steeping. When she finally came in and smelled the apartment, she was thrilled! Then she was worried at how delicious the smell was… Would this tea be up to snuff with such anticipation?

Tea: Coffee Cake

Coffee Cake from DAVIDsTEA

Tea Description: Take the Cake

There’s nothing more nostalgic than a classic coffee cake. Just picture it. That dense, yellow cake, dotted with fruit and topped with crumbled brown sugar. And this sweet, fragrant black tea blend is every bit as satisfying. It has all the aroma of a fresh baked coffee cake, plus an energy boost from rich black tea and a fruity hint of cherry and pineapple. Now getting that fresh-from-the-bakery taste is so simple, it’s a piece of cake. Limited edition.

Tea Ingredients: Black tea, cherries, pineapple, natural and artificial cake flavouring

Tea Instructions: 1.25 tsp, 96°C, 4-5 min

Stacey: Ohh this smell is worrying, what if it’s too sweet?

Brooke: Well there’s no added sugar! Just cherries and pineapple!

Stacey: Isn’t that a bit odd? I don’t think fruit when I think coffee- I think maple or marble. Something that’s a dark cake, not a fruit cake. This combination isn’t what I pictured! Does this smell like something to you? Another tea we’ve had?

Brooke: Yes, it does remind me of one of them. Something with caramel.

Stacey: Salted caramel, yes!

Brooke: Wonder how the tastes will compare…


Stacey: Oh! *Sip* Oh! Mmm. *Sip* You can taste that fruity dense-ness. Like a fruity cake. I can taste it! It’s a heavier blend. Oh yum!

Brooke: Mmm- ooh yes. Very tolerable as a black tea- not too bitter at all.

Stacey: As I sip it I can smell the fruity taste and it’s not sweet… just… satisfying!

Brooke: Yeah, not pungent like the kiwi or rhubarb teas we’ve had. Just a soft subtle hint.

Stacey: Yeah, I really like this one!

Brooke: I think we should buy this.

Stacey: I agree.

Brooke: But it’s limited edition!

Stacey: Aw, only the best teas come out at Christmas!

Brooke: Seriously, I am gulping this down- it’s delicious!

Stacey: I think it’s the first time our hopes have been high and our expectations were met, if not exceeded.

Brooke: Though you were a little worried.

Stacey: That’s because my expectations are always so strong and then they get shattered.

Brooke: …Shattered?

Stacey: Well, okay, it’s just that the smell seems to ALWAYS be better than the taste. This, though, oh… Oh man.

Brooke: It’s that odd caramel taste that gets me. Yum!

Stacey: Maybe it’s the brown sugar they talk about…

Brooke: …That isn’t in the tea.

Stacey: Placebo effect? It does taste a LOT like salted caramel, though.

Brooke: I LOVE it! Pour me another cup!

Tea vibes:

Stacey: This is a great after-lunch tea. Not quite a breakfast tea, it seems like it would round your day out nicely instead. I really enjoy the heavy hints of fruit that don’t add any sweet or tartness to it. A definite favourite 5/5

Brooke: This is absolutely hands down my favourite tea we’ve tried since starting 24 Days of Tea last year. The fruits keep this tea light without overwhelming our sense with floral tones. The coffee flavour isn’t big like in mocha rooibos, either, it’s hardly there at all. This is a fantastic tea, and I would highly recommend! Mmm Mmm! 5/5

Well, there we are! Our first tea we both rated 5/5 since starting this blog in December 2012! Quite the compliment, DAVIDsTEA! Take note! No needed extra sugars or special smells to win us over- whew!

Until next tea (how can they top this?!),

Brooke and Stacey

Stacey…. we may need a bigger tea pot…

Day 3: Blueberry Jam

Hello dear readers!

We are on to day #3 of our 24 days of tea adventure! Whoo hoo! We hope that you are enjoying following along with us again this year, because we are certainly enjoying all this tea drinking and reviewing. Seriously, have I mentioned how much I missed you? Because it was A LOT. And I also missed my tea time with Brooke…but shh, don’t tell her. On ward!

Blueberry Jam (organic) from DAVIDsTEA

Tea: Blueberry Jam

Description: We’re jammin’

Blueberries might just be the greatest fruit around – after all, they’re the star ingredient of North America’s favourite muffin. And hundreds of years before moms were making them into jams, jellies and cakes, blueberries were called “star berries” and revered for their healing powers. Another little known fact about blueberries is that they make for one great cup of tea – when you blend them with black tea, elderberries, cornflowers and stevia, it’s the perfect companion to your morning toast.

Ingredients: Organic: Fair Trade Certified black tea from Sri Lanka, blueberries, elderberries, pink cornflower petals, stevia. With organic and natural flavouring*.

Preparation: 1.25tsp, 98C water, 6min steep

Stacey: Hmmm…
Brooke: Yay!
Stacey: Definitely blueberry.
Brooke: Yay! It smells so good!
Stacey: But I’m worried- teas that smell good don’t often taste as good.
Brooke:  But Alpine Punch!

-tea steeped-

Stacey: Wow- it’s so dark! It definitely still SMELLS like blueberry jam. I hope I like it. I’m really feeling a nice tea today. What’s in this one?
Brooke: reads up to “Stevia”
Stacey: NOOOOO! Nooo ho ho ho ho NOOO! Oh and I was so excited. Ugh. Nooooo!
Brooke: I shouldn’t have read that.
Stacey: Ughghghghg.

*A little side note: I hate stevia. Hate it, hate it, hate it! It’s an alternative to sugar but it is has this very distinct taste that is quite overwhelming. Just a fair warning to those of you with a sensitive palette.


Stacey: The good news is, I don’t really taste the stevia. It’s a subtle blueberry. Not super strong. I would very much like to have it with a scone. A blueberry scone. Wait, well, no. I guess since it’s a blueberry jam tea, it’s like “why don’t I have a scone to go with this jam?”
Brooke: It’s definitely another sweet one.
Stacey: Less so than white frost, though. I can tolerate this one.
Brooke: I do really like the blueberry flavour.
Stacey: Yes, it is very nice. I don’t think I’ve ever had a blueberry tea before.
Brooke: I think they just need to realize they don’t need to sweeten everything for us. Stevia was a bad call. But I think you’re right, this would go very well with a plain tea biscuit, or scone, or croissant. It’s a dessert tea. Like.. THIS would be my dessert.
Stacey: I guess they had no choice- blueberry JAM is very sweet.  It’s still not as as sweet as that other one, though. When we had white chocolate frost I could only drink 1/3 of the cup; I just couldn’t swallow it. This is much better!

Tea vibes:

Stacey: If you’re a fan of blueberries, I would definitely recommend this tea. It almost tastes like a herbal, so the bitterness of a black tea is very minimal. For those who dislike stevia, it’s on the milder side. It would definitely pair well with a plain dessert after a holiday dinner party. 3.5/5 stars

Brooke: This is a delicate treat that will wash your senses in blueberry fields (forever). No, for real, it’s an incredibly sweet yet subtle taste that will fill you up and leave you satisfied. No sugar or milk needed and be sure to steep it lightly. It wouldn’t be a daily tea for me but it would be a great blueberry on top of a nice day. 3/5 stars

And there you have it, another tea day in the books! We hope you enjoy your side of blueberry jam today, because we sure did.

Until next tea,
Stacey and Brooke

Ha ha! Vomit.

The Duke of Earl

Hello readers!

Stacey and Brooke here to bring you another nourishtea delight with yet another special guest. Our good friend Kyle is staying with us for a few days while he ties up loose ends (like you know, defending his Master’s thesis) and while he was here we decided to start our day with a little Duke of Earl (Grey).  Side note: we have attempted to review this tea three times now and each time we have had trouble coming up with a proper review. We think that it comes down to simplicity. There is not a lot to comment about this tea because it’s what you would expect- a simple Earl Grey that keeps you going.

Duke of Earl from Nourish Tea

Tea: nourishtea the Duke of Earl

Tea Description: nourishtea earl grey comes exclusively from Sri Lanka (of course). The leaves are grown on steep terrain and unusually high altitudes. The processing of red teas requires full oxidation, and the specific Italian bergamot oil used on our tea leaves creates an incredible citrus aroma, with no bitter after taste at all. From the moment you crack open the tin, the aroma of our earl grey over powers you… it’s an amazing product and an obvious staple for the kitchen.

Kyle: Tomorrow I start with a new blanket.
Stacey: Love that mug!
Brooke: It’s perfect considering we need to clean that couch we got from kijiji…


Brooke: Mmm, this is nice, I like it! It still has that bitterness to it like an Earl Grey tea would. But it may have been steeped too long…?
Stacey: Yeah, I think it steeped it for almost 10 minutes…whoops!
Kyle: It’s not as fruity as some Earl Greys I’ve had.
Stacey: I want this to be a London Fog right now.
Brooke: Well we have soy milk and vanilla extract…?
Stacey: Nope!
Brooke: I feel like this is a get your stuff done tea; not a “start you day” tea or “unwind tea”.
Kyle: Yeah, it puts hair on your chest.
Stacey: Hey, I wonder where the name of “Earl Grey” came from…
Brooke: Wait… is Duke and Earl the same thing?
Kyle: I think so.
Stacey: So the name “the Duke of Earl” doesn’t really make sense then…
Kyle: This tea kind of reminds me of a standard Orange Pekoe. It’s like Brooke said, it’s very strong.
Brooke: I don’t know this tea tastes like viscount tea to me!

*Fast forward two days when Brooke and I decide try the tea again and I steep it for the right amount of time*

Brooke: Oh this is muuuuch better.
Stacey: I agree, much lighter today.  Ahh, now that’s a good tea.

Tea Vibes

Brooke: This kind of tea should be steeped for no more than 5 minutes or else you risk getting the bitterness we got initially. I think we should try making a London Fog using this one. This tea is a good tea for experimenting because it’s a good base. I would offer it to my people but I am not going to rave about it. It’s what you ask for.  7/10

Stacey: I definitely agree—trying this as a London Fog is a must. It’s an awesome Earl Grey, and has that organic taste that we have come to expect from nourishtea. It’s a delicious cup of tea that I would recommend to avid Earl Grey tea drinkers. 8/10

Final Thoughts

Congrats to Kyle on successfully defending his Master’s thesis! Come back for a tea any time…

Until next tea,
Stacey and Brooke

“Nah, all you need is some Duke of Earl tea.”

Sun-Soaked Darjeeling

Hi readers!

Welcome to another episode of tea connoisseurs. Stacey and I have been bustling away and dipping into our nourishtea supply like mad and haven’t even had the chance to tell you all about how much we love it. Here’s a mini post about darjeeling but all we can really say is that you should try it. Because Mmm.

Tea: Sun-Soaked Darjeeling

Nourish Tea’s Description: Our Darjeeling is a wonderful black tea that is grown on the sunny peaks of the Himalayas in India. The labor intensive production process of Darjeeling tea makes it a loved and well respected tea by connoisseurs the world over – as it produces an exceptionally complex brew with a bright and fruity finish. This is the tea for those who desire the finer, fuller-bodied black tea after dinner.  If you love a good cup of black tea (the kind enjoyed with milk and sugar) this sun-soaked tea needs to be in the mix. Although, we recommend that you try it alone. It’s that good.


Stacey: Ooh. I feel like this tea would be the kind that would go very well with milk.
Brooke: We have milk.
Stacey: Not for me, for other people. I don’t like milk in my tea.
Brooke: You’re weird.
Stacey: It’s a good full bodied black tea.
Brooke: Yeah, I think my Dad would approve of this one because he liked the DAVIDsTEA English Breakfast. I don’t want it to be a placebo effect but I can definitely taste the ‘organic’ factor here.
Stacey: Yeah, I agree, it’s like the green we tried from Nourish Tea, it’s very clean and pure.
Brooke: It totally beats the breakfast tea from DAVIDsTEA. It’s nice and smooth.
Stacey: Yeah, I really like how smooth it is, you’re right. Even drinking it black it isn’t bitter at all. It goes down very nicely. It has a nice exotic flavour to it too…not sure if I’m just saying that because it’s from India.
Brooke: It is a good, hearty, wake-you-up-in-the-morning tea that won’t bowl you over.
Stacey: Bowl?
Brooke: You know, bowl. Knock  over.
Stacey: Oh.

Stacey brought out Greek powdered almond cookies to have with the tea. 

Stacey: So… thoughts?
Brooke: It tastes like 300% sugar with the texture of a chalky cloud.
Stacey: So you don’t like it?
Brooke: I don’t dislike it, it’s just weird.
Stacey: Aw.
Brooke: This tea however is fabulous! There is more for another cup, eh?
Stacey: Yes! Me too!

Tea vibes:

Brooke: I wouldn’t want this mix every day because I am not necessarily a huge fan of simple black tea but it is the perfect black tea. It is so clean, nothing added, nothing modified and no extra bits in there. I do really enjoy it; I am looking forward to offering it our guests. 8/10

Stacey: How often do we have guests? In any case, this is simple and delicious. I’m happy. ‘Nuff said. 8.5/10

Sorry it’s a short one, but we honestly just drank our teas and grinned the whole time while I choked on my Greek almond cookie. Be safe with your food, people!

Until next tea,

Brooke and Stacey

A mouthful of chalk or a tasty treat?

Santa’s Secret

Readers!! Readers!!

We’ve DONE it! We are on the LAST DavidsTea Day of Tea! That’s right, with this final post, our 24 Days of Tea venture will be complete. Stacey and I realize that we’re three months overdue and that “Christmas” is a little passé but hey. Bring it on Santa. We’ve got this.

Santa's Secret from DAVIDsTEA

Tea: Santa’s Secret

DAVIDsTEA description: Need a little helper?

Ever wonder how Santa manages to deliver all those presents in just one night? Well here’s the hush-hush formula. He uses a special combination of Chinese black tea, peppermint leaves and spices – all sprinkled with real little candy canes. It’s both energizing and remarkably soothing. All Santa needs is one cup and his motto changes from “ho ho ho” to “go go go”.

Ingredients: Chinese black tea, peppermint leaves, candy cane sprinkles.

We each scooped 1.5tsp into our mugs and added 98°C water, letting them steep for a total of 6 minutes. We were a bit apprehensive what with the mini candy canes and holiday spirit.

Brooke: Huh. Weird, it smells like chocolate mint but there’s no chocolate ingredients.
Stacey: It smells like Read My Lips! Wait, is it sacrilegious to have Christmas tea at Easter? Not that we’re religious.
Brooke: Nah, Santa and the Easter bunny won’t mind.
Stacey: Cheers!


Brooke: Whoa. Christmas.

Stacey: Yup! Oh man, this would have been really good to have on Christmas eve! Hey, at least it’s cold out today…

Brooke: No seriously, this is a 100% perfect Christmas tea. The flavour is really specific. This isn’t just a mint tea, it’s a candy cane tea.

Stacey: Why didn’t we just cheat and have this on Christmas eve? Aw, I feel jipped.

Brooke: STACEY!

Stacey: Does it say that it’s smooth?

Brooke: No, it says it’s soothing.

Stacey: I’d change it. It’s smooth, there are no harsh flavours.. just.. candy cane..


Stacey: I guess I’d call that soothing then. Oh.

Brooke: It’s such a nice and sweet feeling.

Stacey: Saving the best for last, DAVIDsTEA, wow. Next Christmas, this one is coming out early.

Brooke: I love it. I just… I love it! It’s so perfect for the holidays, you’re right. It’ll be a must have next season.

Stacey: Mhmm! Mmm.. Mhmm! All of the images from Christmas are flooding in right now.

Brooke: Yeah if we closed our eyes we could imagine all of the decorations are still up on the mantle, our lights are shining on our porch…

Stacey: Yep. It reminds me a lot of that other minty tea Read My Lips… but I like it better.

Brooke: Why?

Stacey: I don’t know… it’s more subtle. It doesn’t throw all of these different flavours at you.

Brooke: Oh Santa, you sly dog, you! Can I have some more?

Tea Vibes:

Brooke: Ahh. This tea is a delightful reminder that there are perks during winter. Its smooth and creamy texture brings the warmth right into your centre and its candy cane flavours bring out all the Christmas cheer you didn’t even know you had. I would happily recommend this to all when it comes out again next winter (but let’s not think about that right now). Deliciously delightful. 9/10

Stacey: I would say that if I were Santa, I would definitely choose this tea over a glass of milk. [Brooke: But Stacey! You don’t like milk!] That’s beside the point!  This is a really good tea and I would recommend it to anyone for the holidays. It gives you that Christmas imagery you so often crave when you lack the white Christmas. It reminds you of spending time with the family. It’s a very nice smooth black tea; not too harsh. The mint is wonderfully delicious- it stays with you the entire sip, not very strong, just constant comfort. Merry Christmas. 9.5/10

And with that, our 24 Days of DAVIDsTEA journey is now complete. We did it! Look forward to a special Easter Egg post coming soon, featuring Stacey’s extended family, as well as a summary post with our favourites and recommendations from the set.

Thank you so much for following along for these past few months. As we begin our next adventure with Nourish Tea in the next few weeks, we hope you stick around to try them with us. : )

Until next tea,
Brooke and Stacey

Vanilla Oolong

Why hello kind readers!

We hope that you are all doing well and are enjoying the reemergence of spring (shhh, don’t read that too loud in case Mother Nature hears [Brooke: read that too loud, Stacey?]). With Easter weekend just around the corner Brooke and I thought it pertinent that we bring you our second last DAVIDsTEA box set. So without further ado, we give you Vanilla Oolong.

Vanilla Oolong from DAVIDsTEA

Tea: Vanilla Oolong

DAVIDsTEA Description: Discover the power of vanilla and oolong, with a little hint of orange. It’s temptingly rich. We’ve used Pouchong tea leaves, the least oxidized of oolongs. Which means that it’s almost as high in antioxidants as green tea. A lucky thing, because this tea is really quite addictive. Who would have thought that something this smooth and creamy could be so healthy?

Ingredients: Taiwanese pouchong oolong tea, green tea, lemon myrtle, marigolds.


Opting for a teapot again, we steeped 3 tsp of tea (for two cups) in water that was 94°C and let it steep for 5 min. You know the drill.

Brooke: It smells wonderful. It’s like a bouquet!

Stacey: Mhmm!


Stacey: Tastes bouquet wonderful?
Brooke: No, it doesn’t taste like a bouquet. I can see—no, taste why this is an expensive tea.
Stacey: Mmmm ooh it’s so smooth and creamy. A lovely vanilla, not over powering at all!
Brooke: This is…YUM! Oolong is somewhere between green and black tea. The leaves are not as harshly prepared as the black, it seems.
Stacey: I almost feel like it has elegance to it. You would not want to drink it every day, it would be more of a special occasion tea.
Brooke: Really? I would drink it every day. Though…I suppose you don’t want too much of a good thing.
Stacey: It tastes so good; it would almost be a treat.
Brooke: Yes, but there is nothing about it that screams “guilty pleasure”, it’s not bad for you in any way.  I really like the fullness, it’s really well saturated.
Stacey: Mhmm, I like that it tastes like oolong when you first sip it and then vanilla takes over after that. It’s not a hint…I don’t know how to describe it.
Brooke: Vanilla is not an afterthought; it’s fully infused in this tea.
Stacey: Yes exactly!
Brooke: What would you do without me?

Tea Vibes:

Stacey: I was a little worried about this one based on my previous vanilla tea experience, but I was pleasantly surprised to discover that this tea is everything I thought it wouldn’t be. It’s light, flavourful, and oh so good! I would have this one again in a heartbeat and offer to anyone who asked. Not sure about the price but I’m glad we got to experience it in the box set. Definitely a keeper! 9/10

Brooke: This is a nice fully bodied tea that fills your belly. Its vanilla flavours are strong throughout the cup but the oolong softens the whole effect. As a frugal person I wouldn’t buy this, but if I had the cash it would be in our cupboard. Very, very nicely put together.  8.5/10

Final thoughts: 

Brooke: Would this be a good birthday gift, Stacey?
Stacey: I don’t know… there are so many teas to choose from!! I love so many.
Brooke: Too many teas, too little time.

Happy Easter everyone!

Until next tea,
Stacey and Brooke

The Easter Bunny has arrived! [Brooke: The Eas-“tea” bunny?]

2000 hits!

WOW! 2000 hits!

Thanks to all who’ve been enjoy the tea adventure for these few months. After an out of the blue idea in DAVIDsTEA back in November, we’ve now got a full on tea blog with followers and readers abound as we continue to explore flavours and smells of new teas. Here’s a neat summary of where all of our views are coming from. We’ve got some avid readers in Canada, the States, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, and a bit all over Europe. Someone travelling the world seems to keep a keen eye on us wherever they go, too! : )

2000 hits

Whether you like your warm greens or your piping hot blacks, we’re happy to know you love tea as much as we do. Or maybe you just like to watch two roommates titter back and forth over a brew. In any case, we thank you for reading and we hope you continue to do so as we start a new chapter into the world of Nourish Tea!! Stay tuned.

Until next tea,

Brooke and Stacey


Hello again readers,

Well, after a delicious meal of maple salmon and roasted potatoes (we promise we’re not a couple… even though technically we *are* common-law), Stacey and I were feeling like a tasty tea to finish off our day. We popped open tea #16 and after retrieving it from the floor (they’re slippery!), we were both thrilled with what we picked up. Checkmate! Stacey had been eyeing this once since we bought the set over two months ago, so she was pretty excited. Oh boy.

Checkmate from DAVIDsTEA

Tea: Checkmate

DAVIDsTEA Tea Description: Game on!

This tea isn’t like a chess game of black versus white, it’s black and white working together. When you mix white Bai Mu Dan with black tea, coconut and chamomile flowers, it creates a rich, satisfying, chocolate flavour. You’ll swear you’re drinking a cup of hot cocoa, even though there’s no chocolate in the blend. It’s so delicious it’ll hold any king or queen in check – now that’s a winning move any way you look at it.

Ingredients: White tea, black tea, coconut, Roman chamomile flowers.

This tea… smelled delicious. We steeped 1.25tsp for 4 minutes in 98°C water and then let our teas cool. By the time they were drinkable, though, I realized I was going to be late for my improvised comedy practice so we improvised (HAH!) and poured our brews into our trusty thermoses for later.

When I got back, it was after 10PM and Stacey was a little hesitant to do the review.

Stacey: No we can’t, the caffeine!

Brooke: *Sip*. Oooh. Oh but it’s SOO good, Stacey.

Stacey: I.. I just.. *sip*

She seemed confused.

Brooke: No? You disagree? You don’t like it?

Stacey: I don’t know, I’ve just never had a tea like this before. I’m trying to figure out what it is.

Brooke: Ah but it’s got such a light nice coconut vibe. I’m digging it.

Stacey: Are there figgs in this? It just reminds me of DAVIDsTEA Apres Ski.

Brooke: I always wondered why white teas were way more expensive than blacks and greens…

Stacey: They do something different with the leaf!

Educational break! White teas are actually made with the bud of Camellia sinensis along with the leaves. The plant withers in natural light, then gets plucked and lightly processed. This stops any further oxidation of the plants tissues. Since there’s such a small amount of processing, white tea contains many more nutrients than its black or green counterparts. It’s all very special. Hence the price.

Stacey: You know, I wouldn’t say there is a hot chocolate taste, nor even a cocoa taste, but there’s a hint of SOMETHING chocolatey. Hmm.. I like it!

Brooke: I just get the balmy feeling of coconut and I love it.

Stacey: I just don’t GET it!

At this point it was late and Stacey was nervous to continue for fear of sleeplessness in the night [Stacey: Hey, it’s a thing, Brooke!]. Unfortunately, our busy lives prevented us from enjoying our brews together the following day  so instead, following a trip to Toronto for me and a weekend of skating on the canal for Stacey, we sat down to have one last cup each to finish it all up. We always make time for tea. And each other. Aw.

Tea Vibes:

Stacey: You know, I would describe this tea as yin yang:  two completely opposite flavours that work well together. On Friday, I brought my thermos to work and was very sad when it was empty. I’m happy we got to have another. : ) I totally get the image of a chess board too. That’s what they were going for with the black and white tea, I bet. I really like it- what a neat mix! I want to buy this one next. 9/10

Brooke: You seem to have really taken liken for it, haven’t you? The coconut flavour is delicious but it’s the only aspect that I really do taste. It’s not too wild- I get how you could fall in love with it. The flavour of chocolate is very faint but the chamomile flowers are an excellent touch. This is most definitely a nice dessert tea to have after a big meal. Yum! 7.5/10

We’ll have to see if this winds up in our cabinet, especially with all our new Nourish Tea loot we recently aquired. In any case, it was well received all around. Maybe you should try it?

[Stacey: my vote is yes! MmmMmm]

Until next tea,

Brooke and Stacey

Knight to E5, baby Ron.

Organic Breakfast

Hi readers,

Happy New Year!! Hope you all had a great time with friends and are looking forward to the new year ahead. Let’s celebrate with tea!

I got a text from Stacey the other day saying that she and her mum were going to try Organic Breakfast. When I suggested it to my mom, she answered with “oh sure! We just got those sausages from the market and our eggs are local, too, so …” I had to interrupt with “oh, sorry! It’s a tea, Mom! Just the name of the next tea”. Pause. “Pah! Well then. Get the kettle!” It’s going to be a good post, people. I can feel it.

David's Organic Breakfast from DAVIDsTEA

Tea: Organic Breakfast

 DAVIDsTEA description: It’ll change your life

This is the kind of tea that puts you in a great mood, inspires harmonious relationships and makes you outrageously productive. How did we do it? First we selected our favourite organic and biodynamic black teas from Yunnan, Assam and Darjeeling. And then we sipped different variations until we’d created the ultimate balance. Could there be a better way to start your day?

 Ingredients: Organic black tea from India (Darjeeling), China (Yunnan) and Sri Lanka (Ceylon).

Mom and I each made a big mug and poured steaming hot water onto about 1.5tsp of loose leaf. We let it steep for 6 minutes before removing the infusers.

In Bolton, Stacey and Lorie did the same and basked in the memories of teas past.

Lorie: It reminds me of Twinings English Breakfast Tea. I should have had this in a tea cup rather than a mug!
Stacey: Oh yes, it’s the type of tea you would have at a tea party.
Lorie: Or one you would drink at a bridal shower. I picture little tea cups with saucers, finger sandwiches, and petits fours.
Stacey: Petits fours?
Lorie: Yes and we’d have something like this at my Granny’s house.
Stacey: Mmm, yes sipping on this tea reminds me of an afternoon with Grandma.
Lorie: The tea is mellow, it has a nice aroma. It’s a nice blend of all three—it’s a not overpowering. Yum!

Back in Halifax, Mom and I were surprised with how “normal” the tea turned out to be.

Cathy: Hmm… I don’t know if it’s going to do all those things it claims…
Brooke: Why not?
Cathy: Because it’s just a black tea. It is what it is! What do you think about it?
Brooke: I find it heavier than Glitter and Gold and because of that I like it more. Nice and strong.
Cathy: It doesn’t have the bitter aftertaste that black teas do, though, no need for milk and sugar.
Brooke: Sorry mum, I wanted to do a fun flavour with you but this is kind of … simple!
Cathy: Well wow, I just love it anyway! Mm!
Stewart: Hmm… are you going to finish that mug, Cathy?

Tea vibes:

Stewart: That’s a right tasty tea! My Cape Breton roots fully approve. I don’t know about the claims for exuberant productivity but I could drink this any time. It’s certainly more refined that Red Rose but no less tasty. This suits those people who do not enjoy the perfumed and flavoured teas but want a genuine black tea experience. This brew certainly delivers. 8/10

Lorie: I would definitely buy this tea, because its flavour is very mild and enjoyable. The tea brings back happy memories of my Granny and Nana. The teas they would offer me were often too strong for me with almost an iron taste but this tea is not like that at all! I feel like I’m energized for the day now—time to do some cleaning! 9/10.

Cathy: I frequently find that teas smell better than they taste but this one tastes just like it smells. I don’t want to say it’s not as exciting as the others, there’s not much to explore with it, but I like it. If someone served it to me I’d say “thank you very much!”  7.5/10

Brooke: What a wonderful change of pace. I feel like I’m at home. Not physically, (though I am, heh) but just… this fits. Suits me very nicely, yes! I don’t even have to think about it, it doesn’t stress me out, I like it. 8.5/10

 Stacey: It’s a good staple tea to have; I would give this tea to our guests. I can’t quite pick out the three teas, but I feel very worldly for having sipped on tea from China, India, and Sri Lanka. It’s a very nice blend. Well done, David! 9/10.

Well, this tea sure was a hit with both parties- Dad even got some in his stocking because of how much he enjoyed it!

Only one more tea until Stacey and I reunite back in Ottawa. Up next- Detox!

Cathy: And may I just say thank you for inviting me into tea land and thanks to Stacey and her mum, too. How fun!

Until next tea,

Brooke and Stacey