Day 20: Apple Custard

Hello readers!

Today is Brooke’s birthday!!! Hurray! And as is customary on someone’s birthday (?) we will be doing a birthday lunch, a climbing session, and a little jazz to top it all off. Oh and of course a tea blog. So let’s get this birthday started!

Stacey: You do the honours, birthday girl!
Brooke: Oh boy! Apple custard!
Stacey: How perfect! It’s like they knew it was your birthday.
Brooke: Mmm it smells like…trail mix? And raisins. Is that chamomile in there, too?
Stacey: Oh no! I guess I’ll just have a sip. 😦

Tea: Apple Custard

Description: We hope you’re sitting down. Because we’re about to make a pretty bold claim. This might just be the most decadently creamy blend we’ve ever tasted. Seriously. It’s almost crazy how much it tastes like a warm and comforting custard or pudding. It blends sweet apples, golden raisins and honey-scented chamomile with a rich and creamy hint of vanilla. Go ahead, indulge. With this in your cupboard, who needs dessert?

Ingredients: Apples, golden raisins, coriander, chamomile, natural and artificial vanilla flavouring

Steeping Instructions: 1.25 tsp, 96°C, 4-7 minutes

Brooke: It smells like a caramel apple…


Brooke: …and it tastes like a faint apple cream pie.
André: It’s got a creaminess to it like yesterday’s cream of earl grey.
Brooke: It’s not at all bitter, I would say it’s more hollow than yesterday’s tea.
André: Mmm, very enjoyable.
Stacey: Darn chamomile.
Brooke: The more I drink it, the more it tastes like forever nuts.
Stacey: Sure smells like apple custard.
André: It tastes like awesome. I really do love this one.
Stacey: I guess I’ll have a small sip.
André: Does it taste like scratchy?
Stacey: Thankfully no, hmm, it’s very light. Not as much flavour as I thought it would be.
Brooke: It’s my birthday!

Tea vibes:

For our final thoughts, we used Stacey’s voice-to-text feature on her phone with wonderful results:

André: Fantasy has a white creamy taste. You and I really enjoy it at all, so I will be free. I give it out of 10.

Brooke: This 1 is basically like forever nuts, Ernie. Except for the creepy pink parrot, so I like it. Ok, bye. I wanna buy it direct. TV 7 aberdeen.

Stacey: My throat is scratchy and I don’t like Kayla mail. 4 on demand. Well I’m in my throat scratchy, you’re right phone on time for that.

Well folks, that’s a wrap. We’re off to a birthday lunch now that Brooke has open some gifts. Have a wonderful and custard-filled day!

Until next tea,
Stacey and Brooke (and André)

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Harry the face hugger tries to give Brooke a birthday hug.



Day 20: Vanilla Orchid

Hello friends!

This blog post comes to you on the train from Ottawa to Toronto! I’m headed home for the holidays and Brooke is busy with birthday celebrations, so a solo post will have to do! I promise I’ll make it interesting. Here we go!

Tea: Vanilla Orchid

Vanilla Orchid from DAVIDsTEA

Description: A Sweet Romance

We’re still searching for the secret to eternal bliss, but we’re pretty sure one cup of this blend will get you at least five minutes’ worth. It all starts with the very best leaves: a premium oolong from China’s Fujian Province called Huang Jin Gui. A popular wedding gift in China, Huang Jin Gui is prized for its pretty yellow colour and romantic floral scent. Here we bring out this special leaf’s orchid aroma with a touch of vanilla. The result? A perfectly balanced, subtle cup that’s equal parts rich, creamy and floral. Feeling blissful yet?

Ingredients: Huang Jin Gui Oolong from Anxi in Fujian Province, natural vanilla flavouring.

Steeping Prep: 1 tsp, 92°C, 3-5 min (or hot water from a train station and a guesstimate on the amount of tea leaves)

Stacey: Well it smells like vanilla. And it also has a very stong earthy tone to it. Hmm I hope I can carry this thermos along with my luggage…


Stacey: Oooh that’s some smooth vanilla. Very smooth indeed. And subtle too! The oolong really comes through and the two flavours work nicely together. My train ride is going to be quite pleasant sipping on this brew!

Stacey: Brooke would like this one a lot I think. Her mom and my dad would probably want to add some sugar though. It’s not very sweet at all. Just the way I like it!

Stacey: I feel like I’m talking to myself. Or I suppose I’m thinking to myself. That’s not weird right?

Stacey: Oh! Just read the DAVIDsTEA description. They were right on the money–I am feeling quite blissful! I had a busy day playing with, I mean testing kids all day (I know, I have a tough job), so I am quite tuckered out. But this tea is a perfect way to unwind. Oh I just love it! And I’m headed home for the holidays! What could be better? Hmm…there’s an empty seat beside me…maybe a handsome man will sit there at the next stop. Let’s wait and see!

*we arrive at next stop*

Stacey: Nope…an empty seat it remains. Oh well, at least I have this tea and Nelson Mandela’s autobiography ‘Long Walk To Freedom’ to keep me occupied. (A MUST read by the way)

Tea Vibes

Stacey: I’d put this in the category of ‘zen-out tea’. It would be the perfect drink for after yoga or unwinding after tough day at work. The subtleness of the vanilla makes me want to curl up and take a little ‘me-time’…or take a nap, but that could be because I was running around with 2-year-olds all day. If you want to treat yourself, I’d give this specialty tea a try. 4.25/5

Well readers I’m going to unplug and veg out on this relaxing train ride. I hope you have a lovely evening and if you have not done so already, wish Brooke a happy birthday.

Until next tea,

Happy birthday Brooke!’