Mulberry Magic (DAVIDsTEA)

Good evening, tea enthusiasts!

Last week, MK treated me to a free tea at DAVIDsTEA thanks to their “TeaFF” promotion, so we took the opportunity to grab a brew we’ve never tried before and discuss its flavours for your pleasure. Amidst thesis writing, face masks and licorice allsorts, we were able to review this neat herbal “spinach” tea. Enjoy!

Tea: Mulberry magic

Description: People have been buzzing about mulberry leaves for all sorts of reasons lately, but we just can’t stop talking about how good they taste. Combined with macadamia nuts, they make for a tea that is sweet, complex, and slightly earthy. Do they really have tons of other benefits, as the health freaks claim? We’re too happy to care.

Ingredients: Mulberry leaf, organic macadamia nuts, natural flavouring

Instructions: 1.25tsp, 4-7min 96C

MK: Wow, the water is so DARK! Like, a dark deep green. Can I taste it yet? *Sip* Oh. Oh… It is so weird.
Brooke: They put a lot of leaves in here… I would put that much in a whole teapot. Wait, MK, are you dissecting your tea bag?
MK: I want to see the macadamia nuts, I can’t taste them! Hey!! THERE ARE NONE HERE.  Oh, wait, this little itty bitty thing? Aw man!
Brooke: The wet leaves kind of looks like spinach. And it TASTES like it, too! Sweet spinach tea.
MK: Brooke!! WHY are you eating licorice allsorts? That’s going to ruin your tea taste!
Brooke: I do what I want.
MK: Well, I’m taking a picture of my dissection.

At this point, Stacey and Eric arrived from a yoga session and we forced the tea on them to get their opinions on its flavours.

Eric: Oh, yum! It’s sweet!
Brooke: And nutty! The mulberry is good for glucose regulation, says MK. It also has macadamia nuts in it!
Eric: THAT’s what I taste! Subway cookies! And what kind of berries?
MK: Mulberry! They’re prized because they’re all silkworm eat! Wait, am I lying? Lemme check! WAIT. Brooke. You have WAY more nuts in yours!! Try mine, I think ours taste different. Look, you have so many more than meeee! Clearly need the right ratio of nuts.
Brooke: Do you not like yours? Do you want to switch?
MK: It’s fine. I’ve already started licking the rim.
Brooke: What do you  think, Stace?
Stacey: That is very nice! It’s magical!
MK: Why does everyone like the spinach tea? Brooke’s is better. Maybe I’m just angry.
Brooke: Well, I like it! It kind of reminds me of a green tea, which mellows me out a bit. It doesn’t have any spicy or fruity notes which I really appreciate.
MK: You’re a purist, though, so I can totally see why this is Brooke tea. Maybe I’m an artificial flavour type of girl?

Tea Vibes

MK: What does this flavour remind you of? What imagery does it bring to mind? After all, we’ve got readers to think about!
Brooke: It reminds me of natural hot water springs that you would bathe in. Nature’s hot tub!
MK: MAN ! Let’s go. K, now rate it.
Brooke: 5/5
MK: WHAAAT. BROOKE. THE PHANTOM 100%. MAN. I give it a 4/10.  A macadamia-less 4/10.
Brooke: Different strokes for different folks, I guess!

And there you have it- another incredibly information tea review for the books. Hopefully we can squeeze in one more before MK heads off on her euro adventure at the end of this month. Can we do it?! Stay tuned to find out.

Until next next tea,

Brooke and MK (and Stacey and Eric)

MK's comparison of our macadamia nut count after her dissections. She was not impressed.

MK’s comparison of our macadamia nut count after her dissections. She was not impressed.


One response

  1. Hey Brooke and Stacey you might remember me from uOttawa days!

    It happens to be a coincidence thad Im working for and I want to know if you would review our teas? Also could you write a piece about our business model which is basically about economics, charity and sustainability?

    Write me back if you are interested and I’ll send tea your way.

    Sincerely, Camron

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