Day 20: Apple Custard

Hello readers!

Today is Brooke’s birthday!!! Hurray! And as is customary on someone’s birthday (?) we will be doing a birthday lunch, a climbing session, and a little jazz to top it all off. Oh and of course a tea blog. So let’s get this birthday started!

Stacey: You do the honours, birthday girl!
Brooke: Oh boy! Apple custard!
Stacey: How perfect! It’s like they knew it was your birthday.
Brooke: Mmm it smells like…trail mix? And raisins. Is that chamomile in there, too?
Stacey: Oh no! I guess I’ll just have a sip. 😦

Tea: Apple Custard

Description: We hope you’re sitting down. Because we’re about to make a pretty bold claim. This might just be the most decadently creamy blend we’ve ever tasted. Seriously. It’s almost crazy how much it tastes like a warm and comforting custard or pudding. It blends sweet apples, golden raisins and honey-scented chamomile with a rich and creamy hint of vanilla. Go ahead, indulge. With this in your cupboard, who needs dessert?

Ingredients: Apples, golden raisins, coriander, chamomile, natural and artificial vanilla flavouring

Steeping Instructions: 1.25 tsp, 96°C, 4-7 minutes

Brooke: It smells like a caramel apple…


Brooke: …and it tastes like a faint apple cream pie.
André: It’s got a creaminess to it like yesterday’s cream of earl grey.
Brooke: It’s not at all bitter, I would say it’s more hollow than yesterday’s tea.
André: Mmm, very enjoyable.
Stacey: Darn chamomile.
Brooke: The more I drink it, the more it tastes like forever nuts.
Stacey: Sure smells like apple custard.
André: It tastes like awesome. I really do love this one.
Stacey: I guess I’ll have a small sip.
André: Does it taste like scratchy?
Stacey: Thankfully no, hmm, it’s very light. Not as much flavour as I thought it would be.
Brooke: It’s my birthday!

Tea vibes:

For our final thoughts, we used Stacey’s voice-to-text feature on her phone with wonderful results:

André: Fantasy has a white creamy taste. You and I really enjoy it at all, so I will be free. I give it out of 10.

Brooke: This 1 is basically like forever nuts, Ernie. Except for the creepy pink parrot, so I like it. Ok, bye. I wanna buy it direct. TV 7 aberdeen.

Stacey: My throat is scratchy and I don’t like Kayla mail. 4 on demand. Well I’m in my throat scratchy, you’re right phone on time for that.

Well folks, that’s a wrap. We’re off to a birthday lunch now that Brooke has open some gifts. Have a wonderful and custard-filled day!

Until next tea,
Stacey and Brooke (and André)

Displaying 20141220_105309.jpg

Harry the face hugger tries to give Brooke a birthday hug.


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