Day 5: Detox (read: Cresting Cranes of Legend)

Day 5 brought excitement in the Brooke/Stacey abode, as we were ready for something to perk us up this cold morning… yet… we didn’t like what we found.

Brooke: Detox?! Nooooooo!!!

Detox is a tea that we’ve reviewed before (click here to read our thoughts on the brew). We both agreed Detox is best served when sick because of the hints of lemongrass and chamomile. Since we were both not sick today, we saved it for a time in need and, instead, reviewed a tea we own but haven’t discussed yet: Nourish Tea’s tasty Cresting Cranes of Legend. Enjoy something new from your Tea Connoisseurs!

Tea: Cresting Cranes of Legend

Description: white bai mu dan is a classic Chinese white tea grown in the Chinese province of Fujian (where the best white tea in the world is grown) high up in the misty mountains. You can’t get closer to the whole fresh leaf than with white tea. Open the tin and you’ll witness for yourself how lovely and large a whole white tea leaf can be – “cresting cranes of legend” is honestly beautiful just to look at, especially as it steeps. With the highest in anti-oxidants and the lowest in caffeine of all teas, this velvety-smooth tea will win you over the minute it hits your lips.
Ingredients: White tea. (that’s IT! :))

Stacey: Mmm, I love white tea. It’s always so tasty. This is delicious!
Brooke: Here, André, you try some, too.
André: Oh that’s nice! It’s very light.
Brooke: Yeah, it is very “smooth and velvet-y”, eh? So subtle and simple.
Stacey: No artificial flavours or anything, either.
Brooke: Get your morning dose of antioxidants, people!
André: Tell me, oh Brooke science-y girl, how do antioxidants work?
Brooke: WELL, exposure to oxygen can break down atoms in cells, causing un-paired electrons (“free radicals”) to form, which suck for cells because free radicals poke around at other molecules, who wanna be left alone (like DNA!). Any chemicals that can donate an electron to these radicals have “antioxidant” properties because they stop the free radical bullying going on in your cells! They’re your cell’s first line of defense.
André: Oh! So it’s super hero tea.
Brooke: Yes.

Tea Vibes:

With the voice-type feature turned on Stacey’s phone, our opinions became a bit muddled: 

Brooke: Detox tea makes me feel sick! But this newish white tea makes me feel right at home. I love it and I’m glad we have it. Elan 210!
Stacey: I have to be with Brooke reading detox tea. Am I really, like, the nearest? I had the other day with a friend of mine and I’m so excited for my walk to work. Alright, I am on Thames.

And there you have it! Nourish Tea is a great company that we LOVE and deserves some attention, too. If you’re ever interested in giving one of their teas a try, stop on over. We’ve got LOTS. : )

Until next tea,
Brooke and Stacey

Did you learn something new today?