Day 16: Main Squeeze

Hey tea drinkers!

It was a Grey’s kind of day in the Cameron-Alpous household (oh my god), and we thought that would pair nicely with another tea. But which one would it be?

Stacey: Brooke, what tea do you think it’s going to be today?
Brooke: Um…chocolate orange! You?
Stacey: Main squeeze! …and it’s Main Squeeze! I was right! Score!

Tea: Main Squeeze

Main Squeeze from DAVIDsTEA

Description: Greet the Day

We all know the classic morning ritual: a cup of coffee and a glass of orange juice. But what if you could get your energy boost and fresh-squeezed fruity taste all in one cup? We’re serious. Shake up your old routine with this fruity maté blend, and you may never go back. It’s got the juicy flavour of orange, papaya and pineapple, plus the high-energy punch of green yerba maté. Just one sip and you’ll feel alert, refreshed and ready for anything. Say hello to your new main squeeze.

Ingredients: Green yerba maté, candied papaya, pineapple, safflower, natural flavouring.

Steeping Prep: 1.5 tsp, 94°C, 4-7 min

Stacey: Oh…it smells like juice.
Brooke: Usually the smell is more intense than the flavour, though.
Stacey: I’m just worried that…
Brooke: You’re always worried! Just let the tea do its thing. Oh… that smell is a little frightening.
Stacey: I think it’s going to taste like watered down juice!
Brooke: Just shut up!


Brooke: Ooooo. That is cool! Despite its smell, it doesn’t taste like an orange candy. You can taste just a hint or orange and it’s lovely!
Stacey: Mmmm. Yeah, it’s quite subtle and delicate.
Brooke: I was worried when I first sipped it–I was going to try to antagonize you and say it was good even if it wasn’t–but it really is good!
Stacey: It really does remind me of orange juice but in a lovely tea form.
Brooke: Duh!
Stacey: Hey!
Brooke: It’s in the darn description! (Oh I see you’ve censored me). What are the ingredients again?
Stacey: Oh. There aren’t even oranges in here.
Brooke: I think papaya was a great choice, it’s a real mild fruit and it does wonders for this tea.  I’m going to drink this whole cup!
Stacey: It is quite nice. I forgot how nice the maté flavour is, we should really have one for the apartment.
Brooke: It’s probably expensive.

Tea Vibes:

Brooke: Main Squeeze would be a really good morning tea when I had to get science done. The flavours of papaya and pineapple enhance the maté without taking over. Honestly this is right up there with coffee cake but for completely different reasons. Have you tried a maté yet? Try this one! 4.5/5

Stacey: I’m happy to say that this tea does not taste like watered down juice. The flavour is a perfect mixture of earthy and sweet. I would love to add this to my daily repertoire of teas, especially because it doesn’t have the kickback of caffeine. I give this one a 4.5/5 too!

BONUS: Brooke’s parents have this 24 Days of Tea set and have ALSO provided their thoughts on this tea after tasting it this morning. Here’s what Cathy and Stewart have to say:

Stewart: As lover of yerba maté I was pleased to see that the distinctive grassy flavor was not over taken by the addition of the fruit.  This is a delightful tea that would be refreshing for all occasions. 4.5/5

Cathy: I had never heard of yerba maté  but am enjoying it a lot. I know I like all the fruit in it. I see it is the only one  (in the set) classified as a “stimulant”… I wonder what that will do to my afternoon nap! Dad apparently learned about this tea from his grade seven teacher when they were studying Brazil in geography – the gouchos would drink it all day! 4/5

Have a lovely morning everyone!

Until next tea,
Stacey and Brooke

Best to stick with tea I think.