Day 15: English Breakfast

Happy  Sunday evening, everyone!

It’s getting colder by the hour here in Ottawa and it’s a slipper kind of day in our downtown apartment. Stacey pulled out this tea and it suited us nicely- something to warm us up and keep us going on this chilly day!

Tea: English Breakfast

English Breakfast from DAVIDsTEA

Description: The Classic of Classics

There’s nothing better than waking up to a genuinely fabulous cup of English Breakfast tea. Which is why we took great care in choosing our signature blend. We were looking for the perfect balance. Something with body and a satisfyingly full flavour, without being overpowering. The winner? A flowery pekoe from Sri Lanka. You’ll find yourself drinking it all day long.

Ingredients: Sri Lankan black tea.

Instrctions: 1.5 tsp, 98°C, 4-5 min

Stacey: We don’t often get to try “normal” Davidstea teas! I’m excited.

Brooke: Yes- a nice simple black on a cold day like today should be just right!


Stacey: Mmhmm! It is! It’s so nice.

Brooke: Oh yes.

Stacey: I think it may even have more flavour than the nourish tea English Breakfast, which is saying something.

Brooke: Definitely their “base” black tea, but it’s still quite nice. Might be worth a dollop of almond milk to round it out.

Stacey: You know me and milk and tea. I think it’s just fine the way it is.

Brooke: What imagery comes to mind when you close your eyes and sip this delightful brew?

Stacey: Oh, we haven’t done that in a while. 

Stacey: Hey! I was thinking that, I just didn’t SAY it!

Brooke: We are roommates. I know you.

/rant and ramble about our six years together as roomies/

Brooke: Ok, imagery, Stace. Cough it up.

Stacey: It’s interesting, I have two images. I’m in Chateau Laurier sipping high tea and then outside, doing some rugged backwoods camping. Two extremes. Actually, not camping, something more intense and hard working… like a coal mine! This is a prize for finishing your work, you know?

Brooke: So it’s not a start your day kind of tea, it’s more of..

Stacey: No, it is! This is for people who wake up really early and start they actual day. I feel more away since drinking it. Am I rambling?

Brooke: No! Caffeine’s great.

Tea vibes:

Stacey: If we didn’t have all the english breakfast from nourishtea, I would want to pick this up and have it as a staple in the cupboard. You can have this tea on any occasion and it’s something you’d be familiar with. Not too bitter- I like it! 4/5

Brooke: Yep, it’s a classic done right. No tricks- just a lovely solid tea that we should always have on hand for our many guests clambering to have a tea with us (hah!). No sugar needed but I’d toss a bit of milk in there to bring it out fully. Yum! 3.5/5

So now you all know what to get your coal miner friend for Christmas! No need to thank us. ; )

Until next tea,

Brooke and Stacey

One sip tea, one sip beer!  It’s the coal miner way!

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