Crimson Rooibos

Hi readers!

We’re onto another nourish tea delight as we continue through our stash.  Today we sat down with our good friend MK to ponder how nourish tea thinks a rooibos should be. Spoiler: delicious.

Tea: Nourish tea Crimson Rooibos

Tea Description: Rooibos grows within the Cedarburg Mountains of South Africa. It’s caffeine free, low in tannins and bursting with anti-oxidants. The unpolluted waters, mountain air and rich soils of the region, gives it an earthy tone – and you can even pick up a hint of vanilla. Intrigued yet? Try this beautiful treat and you’ll see why red rooibos is a fave of tea drinkers across North America.

We made up a quick pot and MK was very excited to get started.

MK: So… Can I drink this yet?

Brooke: Oh sure. WAIT! You’ve been drinking it!! What do you think?

MK: It… tastes like rooibos?

Stacey: Look how crimson it is!

MK: I’m not disappointed by the colour but it could be more crimson. It’s kind of orange-y. Like LB broth in the incubator a little too long.

Stacey: ?

MK: Science!

Brooke: Wait! Who has the inspirational mug?

Stacey: Oh, I do. I cried when I got it from Kat. I was having such a bad day at the time.

: A good mug makes a tea that much better : )

Stacey: Agreed. Wow, this is definitely just straight rooibos, no other flavours at all. Of course, that’s not necessarily a bad thing. I’m just so used to DavidsTea that it feels like something is missing, though.

MK: Vanilla or spice?

Stacey: Yes, well it’s definitely pure. You can taste the organic. Do you think honey would go well? Cinnamon?

MK: A shot? Can I talk? I think this is the type of tea that you would basically just pour and drink. It’s good, it’s tea, you don’t really think about it. You’re sharing it with people. A good tea for what we’re doing right now- just hanging.

Stacey: I’m already two thirds done!

MK: Me too! It’s a sip-able-hanging-out-enjoying-your-time tea. Not knocking your socks off but that’s okay.

Brooke: I haven’t even tasted it yet, guys.

MK: Well??

Brooke: Ooh. Mmm!  You know, I had a love-hate relationship with rooibos because we would leave the DavidsTea loose leaf in the sink and it would make the whole kitchen smell…

Stacey: Our bad.

Brooke: …But this! Oh this! I really love it and I appreciate  how simple it is.

Stacey: It’s nice to have this simple tea. I’m really enjoying it.

MK: Man, you guys are like tea dealers. You have every kind.

Stacey: Wait, are we going to deal you tea?

MK: Yeah, you’ll come up and be like “hey, you want me to make me a cup? Huh?”

Brooke: Who wants more?

We’ve begun to realize that nourish tea takes pride in their teas as the purest forms. No tricks, no added flavours, just the tea straight as it should be. Though we didn’t have the chance to really produce any thoughtful tea vibes during this session, we all agreed on one thing: nourish tea is set on giving their customers a purely tea experience with no gimmicks or gags. If you’ve never tried a rooibos before, this one is a great example of the base and its unique flavours.  Give it a try!

Brooke: Mk, want some for the road?
MK: Total tea dealers, guys.

Next up- Duke of Earl!

Until next tea,

Brooke and Stacey (and MK)


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