2000 hits!

WOW! 2000 hits!

Thanks to all who’ve been enjoy the tea adventure for these few months. After an out of the blue idea in DAVIDsTEA back in November, we’ve now got a full on tea blog with followers and readers abound as we continue to explore flavours and smells of new teas. Here’s a neat summary of where all of our views are coming from. We’ve got some avid readers in Canada, the States, Japan, Switzerland, Australia, and a bit all over Europe. Someone travelling the world seems to keep a keen eye on us wherever they go, too! : )

2000 hits

Whether you like your warm greens or your piping hot blacks, we’re happy to know you love tea as much as we do. Or maybe you just like to watch two roommates titter back and forth over a brew. In any case, we thank you for reading and we hope you continue to do so as we start a new chapter into the world of Nourish Tea!! Stay tuned.

Until next tea,

Brooke and Stacey


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