Nourishtea Harvest

Ohhhhh my goodness!



If you were with us back in December, you’ll remember Stacey and I both entered a Grand Holiday Giveaway by the fabulous people at nourishtea. On my birthday, I found out that we had WON and today we received over 800 grams of tea!! If that’s not enough, nourishtea provided us with two beautiful loose leaf thermoses for the slight delay in shipping. They are just so sweet! Look at the adorable note they had with it, too:


Oh wow, we’re excited. We’re going to have to have so many tea parties! And, of course, review each one for your reading pleasure. These will be the delicious teas we get to investigate and recommend to you:

The Duke of EarlEarl Grey grown in Sri Lanka with Italian bergamot oil
Sun-Soaked Darjeelinga full-bodied Himalayan black tea
Yummy Chai: a Sri Lankan black tea with hints of ginger, cinnamon and cardamom
The Emerald Path: Maojian Chinese green tea
Cresting Cranes of Legend: Bai Mu Dan Chinese white tea
Warming Chamomile: Egyptian chamomile
Crimson Rooibos: a caffeine-free South African tea
Sweet Berry Breeze: hibiscus, black currants, cranberries and elderberries

Yum! We’ve only got a handful left of DAVIDsTEA’s “24 Days of Tea” (keep your eyes peeled this week for our review of Checkmate) and then we get to explore the world of nourishtea! Are you as excited as we are?

Let the new adventure begin!

Until next tea,

Brooke and Stacey

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