Hi friends and fellow tea drinkers,

We are two twenty-something roommates living in the capital city of Canada who can’t get enough of loose leaf tea. This blog is meant to be a reflection of our opinions on any and all teas we try together. Whether it be over a scone at our favourite tea shop or during an evening of report writing at home, we are constantly consuming tea.

As it stands,  DavidsTea dominates our cabinets at home due to their incredible marketing ploys (“look at the packaging, Brooke!”) and it looks like this blog will reflect that, too.

For the past few years, we have bought the famous DAVIDsTEA “24 Days of Tea” box set. For our own entertainment (and hopefully yours), we’ve started this blog to discuss and provide commentary on each tea as we brew them (e.g. “whoa, is that a POPCORN kernel in there?”; “aw, this one reminds me of Nanny”). We’ll also be giving out ratings on the teas based on our own parameters (e.g. “this tea smells like birthday cake, but tastes like wood. 3/5”). Hopefully we can provide an unbiased opinion of the exciting flavours of DavidsTea for your consideration.

We don’t plan on following the rules and drinking a tea each day but our kettle is never cold for too long so expect blog posts fairly often.  If you’re interested in hearing what Chocolate Rocket, Goji Pop, or Organic Breakfast taste like, be sure to stay tuned. If you’re not, follow along anyway. We’re pretty interesting people as it is.

Welcome to what we’re sure will be the adventure of a tea time.

For now, drink tea and be merry.

Brooke & Stacey

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